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Home » Seek the Lord While He May Be Found

Seek the Lord While He May Be Found

Courtesy of Anthony Correia/

LISTEN NOW! John, Pat, and Steve have an encouraging conversation of going after God. In California, there is something known as a “California Stop”. When you reach a stop sign, you stop the car and look both ways before you continue through the intersection. With a “California Stop”, you simply tap the brakes of your car and look then continue on. We must guard ourselves not to relate to God as a “California Stop” when the Holy Spirit speaks to us. Many mistake God’s kindness and mercy for weakness or tolerance. God is holy, He must be revered. God could have chosen to create robots, but He didn’t. He created you and me with the gift of free will because God wants us to choose Him, to choose to walk with Him daily. Be encouraged as your eyes are lifted up to the Lord and be stirred to draw closer to the Lord each day, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Noah, repentance, abiding, California, the Garden of Eden, and salvation.

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