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VFNRadio First Hour July 28, 2014



Israel Protective Edge Update Day 21: It’s time for someone to stand up to the Jihadist bullies in the Middle East as Israel Is- Rockets, Underground Tunnels, Iron Dome and so much more

John, Pat, and Steve share the recent events on what is still taking place on Israel’s Southern Border with Gaza. As Day 21 comes in for Operation Protective Edge, rockets are continuing to be shot into Israel, Israel is defending itself, and peace deals have continued to be rejected by Hamas. In a Fox news Interview, Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu shares, “Hamas has broken 5 ceasefires that we have accepted and actually implemented. They rejected all of them, including 2 humanitarian cease fires in the last 24 hours. Now they come with their own cease fire proposal, and believe it or not, they violated even THEIR OWN ceasefire proposal….” Israel is receiving continual pressure from the international community to provide aid to Gaza. It is this aid that is being given to Gaza that is being used by Hamas to build underground tunnels as ways to covertly travel across the border of Israel and bring terrorism to the civilians of Israel. When Israel is telling civilian Palestinians to leave in order to protect them, Hamas is telling the same civilians to leave.

There has been an expression regarding concern of the blockade of goods being imported and exported between Israel and Gaza. Prime Minister Netanyahu shares the importance to de-militarize Gaza. Regardless of what is given, if de-militarization is not done, Israel will find itself in the same place where it presently is. Israel has no choice but to defend itself. As the church WE MUST DEFEND ISRAEL. Find out the details of what is happening in Israel, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Operation Protective Edge, IDF, PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Fox News, CBN, Hamas, terrorism, blockade, and de-militarization.




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