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VFNRadio Second Hour July 21, 2014


Living A Life with Borders: A Watchman on the Wall

LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Steve have an encouraging conversation as they look at the present state of America. How did we get here? Was there a progression that caused us to arrive at this reality? In biblical times, a city’s fortified walls were the display of strength. Right now, there doesn’t appear to be any walls in America. There once was a clear line of demarcation between what is good and what is bad but now those lines appear fuzzy and not distinguished. Could it be that the borders around the nation of America are the fruit and cause of the eroding borders around the family, of the eroding borders around us? There needs to be spiritual walls again, not only in our families but also in our own lives. It doesn’t matter what the size and strength of our walls are if the watchman on the wall is asleep. Now is the time to stand as a watchman on the wall and serve your general well. Be encouraged as you can play a significant part in your generation, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: horses, the Great Wall of China, media, the devil, evil, demons, hell, parents, family, and prayer.

Are You willing to be Nameless and Faceless in the Kingdom so God gets all the Glory?

 Steve, John, and Pat continue the conversation discussing Rick Joyner’s book The Harvest. What God is doing across the face of the Earth is nothing short of exciting and encouraging. What is important to remember is to stay focused on what God has put in front of each and every one of us.

“We must understand that every part will not be directly joined to every other part. The arm must be joined to the shoulder, not the hip. Ultimately, all of the parts will be joined together, but not many will be joined through other parts, possibly not having much of a direct relationship. It can be a futile waste of time for us to try to join with every other stream in the church. We must be sensitive to give ourselves only to the relationships the Lord is establishing for us.”-Rick Joyner, excerpt from The Harvest.

There are nameless and faceless nerve endings within that one specific shoulder that must take place in order for the greater picture to come into effect. Many want to be the recognized “femur” or “quadriceps” as the biggest bone or muscle in the body, but who will stand up and play the vital role of the nameless and faceless nerve endings. Enjoy this encouraging conversation as they share about the nameless and faceless ones in the Bible, what you can do, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: relationships, disciples, Great Awakening, and faithfulness.





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