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LISTEN NOW! Steve, John, and Pat discuss how amidst the abundance of entertainment in today’s society, there are few people that are fulfilled. Like a sugar rush, entertainment only lasts for a short time. Entertainment fuels the flesh, while joy fuels the soul. When we remember the finished work of the Cross and what Jesus Christ did for us, it causes rejoicing. Leonard Ravenhill said: “entertainment is the devil’s substitute for joy”. The more we understand the joy of the finished work of the cross, the more the entertainment of the world fades away. Amidst the increasing darkness and evil in the world, don’t get discouraged; rejoice in who Jesus is and what He has done for you. Find out the perspective that will give you lasting peace and fulfillment, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Pharisees, cancelling debt, forgiveness, and salvation. 

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Leonard Ravenhill

Rejoice in Jesus Christ, Rejoice in You, Forgiven Much Loves Much

Romans 5:10-11, Psalm 119:14, Luke 7:41-47

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