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WATCH! VFNRadio First Hour August 28, 2014



Rick Joyner’s Book: The Harvest– Ch. 10 Persecution- Part 5- The Enemy is not just on the Outside; But on the Inside too


   Greg, Pat and John continue the conversation regarding the critical reality of the truth shared from Rick Joyner’s book, The Harvest.  A book that was written more than 25 years ago describes events that are presently being seen. It’s important to remember that Peter was used by Satan when he spoke to Jesus, “Never, Lord!” he said. “This shall never happen to you!”-Matthew 16:23. Jesus recognized what was really going on by addressing Satan and not Peter. We cannot misjudge what is currently happening in the world. It is Satan that is scheming. It is Satan that is planning. It is Satan who we are to be binding. The individuals that you see in the media in regards to the intentions of Radical Islam must be taken seriously. They believe this is truth and it will be carried out.


God is fashioning a storm against Israel; a storm against America. In these perilous moments, we can respond like King Josiah did, like a watchman on the wall, to repent and warn others of the storm. Children are being beheaded in Iraq at the hands of ISIS. CBN is reporting that when ISIS comes into neighborhoods of Muslims, Muslims are simply choosing to fly the ISIS flag. As Christians, this is not an option for us. To fly a flag in support of ISIS, in support of Mohammed, is to deny Jesus Christ. In addition, there have been documentaries done regarding American citizens who have left America to fight alongside those in ISIS. Men are being recruited and radicalized. Reportedly, an alliance has been made with those who believe in a Caliphate. Get a Biblical understanding and truth regarding the increasing events regarding ISIS in the world, in America, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: ISIS Flag, Jihad, sifting, Princeton, Radical Islam, James Foley, Mecca, Hegemony, CBN, CNN, and repentance.


Redistribution of Wealth around the World and the Dismantling of America?

   Greg, John, and Pat discuss the redistribution of wealth that is happening around the world and discuss whether we are seeing the dismantling of America.  It is being reported that billionaire investor Warren Buffet, one of President Obamas biggest supporters and backer, according to “Forbes”, “is backing Burger King’s world wide effort to buy Canada’s Tim Horton’s doughnut chain and redomicile north of the border.”  In short that would mean that once the company moves all the tax dollars that would have been generated for the United States would now go to Canada.  They continue to discuss that many Americans felt the redistribution of wealth meant that they would receive money from their “rich” neighbor not realizing they were the “rich” neighbor of the world and it was their own wealth that would be redistributed around the world.  We are seeing regions of the world being redistributed when we saw the Arab League handed over to Russia’s President Putin.  As we see what is unfolding it’s important not to see this as something that the President is doing it is God who is dismantling the blessing that has been on America since we have turned our back to Him.  Our current leadership was just set in place to carry this out, “Jehoakim”.  All God wants is for us to repent; it is a gradual dismantling but just like the unsinkable ship sunk, the Titanic, America will go down unless we repent.  Many believe that things are bad now but the pain that is coming is far worse.  It’s time for “King Josiah” to awaken and the Church to arise and understand its “we the people” who if we humble ourselves, pray, and repent we can put people in place that will begin to honor God’s values once again.  Find out an encouraging perspective of today’s events and so much more. Also shared in this segment: wealth, taxes, Canada, Titanic, and Warren Buffet.



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