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Home » Don’t Give in to R.A.G.E. – Raw Anger Going Everywhere- Don’t Do the Wrong thing; Do the God thing- Walk in LOVE

Don’t Give in to R.A.G.E. – Raw Anger Going Everywhere- Don’t Do the Wrong thing; Do the God thing- Walk in LOVE

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LISTEN NOW! WATCH! Greg, Pat, and John have an insightful conversation about the realities and processes that cause anger. In the light of the constant news increasing and increasing each day, there tends to be 3 different responses from people regarding what is happening in the world: 1) some are not even paying attention. “I don’t watch T.V. at all!” 2) Others are watching what is happening and then just repeating it in conversation like its data. This happened, and then that, then this. Question is, now what do you do about it? 3) While others are getting so overcome, they simply shutdown. The increasing weight and pressure of continual events is causing many to just be overwhelmed. As talked about on VFNtv and the Daily VFNRadio Program, this is actually the tactics taught in Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals. Reportedly, President Obama taught these tactics before he was in the Presidency, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote her college thesis paper on its tactics.

All of these events can cause one to respond in anger. When we respond in anger, we are held captive by those that angered us. If there are those that can provoke us by a simple word, whether it be a boss, a relative, a friend, or a spouse, that signifies there is something within us that needs to be dealt with and removed through the blood of Jesus. Satan wants us to respond to the anger in anger. Human anger does not produce what God desires. Anger is a response to something that has already happened that hurt us. When we have an expectation that doesn’t get met, we get hurt. Sometimes we don’t say we’re hurt but others do know that we’re angry. There is a process that takes place, that if not dealt with; the hurt can result in un-forgiveness.

There is so much tragedy that is happening on a daily basis throughout the world. It is important not to respond in anger, with hard hearts and stiff necks. As the church, we have to prepare our spirits not to respond in anger. We must also not medicate ourselves away from the reality of what is taking place. Jesus speaks specifically regarding those that love, those that are peaceful, and the differences between those who are patient and those who are hot headed. It is only through the grace of God and the love of God that we are able to love others. Find out the details of the processes and roots of anger, how to love, the power of love, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Saul Alinksy, Marshall Gance,  WATCH FULL PROGRAM!

Recorded for Friday, Thyatira, Lucifer, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Anderson Cooper, The Green Mile, roots, and fruit.


The Green Mile, John Coffey “Pieces of Glass in my Head”
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