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Four Turning Points- James Goll

Courtesy of Zsolt Biczo/

LISTEN NOW! John, Pat, and Steve share a recent article from James Gall about the turning points for the church that are ahead of us. For years, Gall states that he has been stating that there will be a war involving Gaza and Syria. From here, it will only increase to what he describes as a “boiling cauldron”.  As darkness increases, Gall encourages others with the reality that as every nation rises against Israel, “There will be one nation that will arise in that dark hour—the nation called the ‘body of Christ’ who will be Israel’s best friend.” Gall continues to share the spiritual encounters he had of the coming days, “the sounds of Heavenly Hope”, the “West Coast Rumble”, and “The Door to the Harvest”. As these trying days are increasing throughout the Earth, be encouraged as you learn God is in control, He has a plan, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: war, dreams, vision, hardships, angels, and sickles.


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