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Love means Trust

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LISTEN NOW! Steve, John, Pat have an encouraging conversation about the importance of trust in our lives. We can say we love one another, but when we also trust someone, that is when loving them as well. This also applies to our relationship with God. When we are following the leading of God in our lives, we can arrive into situations and realities that highlight “the lack” in a situation. These are the moments to trust in what God is doing. God controls everything. If you are truly following the will of God, He is in control of your situation. We can be focused on the lack of trust in another individual because of what we have seen in regards to their character, but if we are expressing a lack of trust in God and His will for our lives, what is that saying about our opinion of the character of God? Find out how God views trust, how we can move in our trust with God, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: loaves, fishes, faith, love, character, integrity, and abiding.


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