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Pray for President Obama : White House Jumper – Is this the first time the President has been Vulnerable?

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LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Steve discuss the importance of continuing to lift up the President of the United States, Barack Obama, in prayer. In recent news, a man jumped the fence of the White House and not only proceeded towards the White House but he also made it through a doorway into the White House. Situations like this are not new news, but making to and into the building is. Threats of safety are nothing new when looking at past presidential terms. When looking at the current presidential terms, there is significant concern to be raised. Certain individuals have made it into White House events, past security, and to the President himself. They weren’t even invited to the event or supposed to be there! When the President was previously in Columbia, reportedly 12 Secret Service members were caught in a prostitution scandal and sent back to the United States, while the President remained in Columbia; the supposed interpreter at the Nelson Mandela Funeral, a shooter on the White House, and more. They discuss each of these events as they encourage us to pray for the President and our elected leaders. Find out the details of each of these, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Omar Gonzales, Secret Service, Presidential Dinner, Nelson Mandela, prophetic dream, Time Magazine, and prayer.



image source: people.com
Socialites Crash White House Event
image source: nydailynews.com
Socialites Crash White House Event
image source: outsidethebeltway.com
False Interpreter at Nelson Mandela Funeral Memorial
image source: Washington Post
Distance of Shooter to White House
image source: Washington Post
Impacted Rounds on White House
image source: Washington Post
Round that Impacted Glass of White House
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