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Home » The Power of Walking With Jesus

The Power of Walking With Jesus

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LISTEN NOW! Steve, John, Pat have an encouraging conversation about our faith and confidence in Jesus Christ. The attacks of doubt and unbelief come from the devil because he knows how powerful our belief and faithin Jesus Christ is. The book of Acts details the encounter of a few men, the Sons of Sceva, and the reactions they received after proclaiming the name of Jesus. We cannot simply proclaim the name of Jesus Christ without knowing Him. The devil knows those who are walking with Jesus. Don’t be deceived into believing the lies of the devil of doubt and unbelief; your faith and confidence in Jesus Christ matters. Be encouraged in your walk with Jesus as you learn the importance of your relationship with Jesus, how the devil responds to those who truly know Jesus, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: 2nd heaven, religion, authority, faith, and abiding.


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