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VFNRadio First Hour September 10, 2014





Start Your Day on Purpose; Peace Power and Purpose

Join Greg as he speaks about reaching your destiny, your purpose and the importance of getting peace in your life and beginning each day with that peace; then how strength is a necessity for you to reach your destiny, your purpose in life.  As he speaks on peace he wants to remind you about abiding with the Lord for it is abiding with our Lord Jesus Christ, (see iAbide.org) is the only way to get that peace. Whatever you are doing, is what you are believing. If you want to do something different you’ll need to believe differently.

Growing in Love 

In this abiding moment Pat, Greg, and John discuss growing in love.  Galatians 5:13-14 speaks to us about using our freedom not to indulge ourselves in sin but rather to serve others in love, loving your neighbor as yourself. Pat continues to share how love has nothing to do with self but has to do with others.  Love is a verb; it means action on our part on behalf of others.  Love needs to be more of our priority in our lives as we grow in our ability to love others.






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