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VFNRadio First Hour September 12, 2014




Make sure you are not hooked on a Feeling


Greg, John and Pat discuss how much of the church today is hooked on a feeling when it comes to doing anything for God.  They desperately desire to feel something before they do instead of doing something in faith and them possibly feeling.  They continued to discuss the power of incubating faith and the four dimensions to walking out what you are believing God for.  One of those steps is to have a burning passion.  They discuss that the burning passion is for what you are believing God for that has not yet manifested into existence because it was birthed in faith.  You don’t need a burning passion for what God has already told you to do. Make sure you are not hooked on a feeling just step out and trust God whether you feel it or not.


Let Anger Go; Don’t Stir it Up 


John, Steve and Pat encourage us to let anger go and refuse to stir it up.  They share from Proverbs 30:3 For as churning the milk produces butter, and as twisting the nose produces blood, so stirring up anger produces strife.  They continue to share the process that takes place for butter to be produced. Butter was made many years ago by putting milk in a barrel and churning it with a plunger.  The more the milk was churned the more clumpy it got until it turned into a solid state called butter.  They discuss the same is true when it comes to anger.  The more anger is “churned” in our thoughts and words the likelihood strife will be produced.  Many homes, families, businesses, and even churches are filled with strife because of the churning of anger.  Anger must be dealt with at the cross and given to the Lord.  Instead of churning anger they encourage us to churn love so that an environment of love and peace can be produced.


The Blessings of the Lord are GOOD and they don’t come with Trouble 


John, Greg, and Pat discuss the blessings of the Lord are good and they don’t come with trouble.  Proverbs 10:22 “The blessing of the Lord brings wealth, and adds no trouble to it.   They discuss how God led John to buy a car 5 years ago.  It was a time that he was just looking for a paid vehicle and had about $3,000 to spend on it.  After countless hours searching for a vehicle God spoke to John during his abiding time and told him that he wasn’t trusting Him but was instead putting his trust in himself.  John repented to the Lord and put his trust in the Lord.   One week later someone called John who knew that he was looking for a car and told him that he spotted the perfect car for him.  Since it was about 9 pm and John had just repented before the Lord he was cautions and thought he would check it out in the morning.  They guy kept calling him back and told him to come buy this car because it would be sold by morning.  He went and when he saw the vehicle it was a Honda Accord, one just like he wanted.  The car was perfect and on top of that the price was right so he bought it.  Amazing how when we stop trusting in ourselves and trust God He will do everything.  He will bless us abundantly.


Being a Shrewd Manager when facing uncertain times 


Greg continues a conversation on “This Generation”, and how God will send you into captivity starting with sending raiders to plunder you till eventually everything is taken away. It seems like you’re doing well financially, you have things and stuff because you’re borrowing money. “I remember when I got my first credit card, says Greg. “I had an ignorant sense of wealth until the first payment came due.” If you don’t gain wisdom you will fall into the trap of going deeper into debt by getting a loan to pay off another loan then getting another loan to pay off that one. This is an endless cycle until eventually your entire income goes to pay off debt. Then the realization comes, “I guess I wasn’t doing well and now you are subject to the task master. Begin today paying off your debt. He goes on to share how China holds much of America’s debt and at any moment they could call it in. Germany has already asked for their gold. Greg remind us of the parable of the Shrewd Manager found in Luke 16 and how he had to change the way he was doing things if he was going to survive, which boils down to how we treat others and how we treat God. It is time for America to start making better decisions.





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