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Home » VFNRadio Second Hour September 19, 2014

VFNRadio Second Hour September 19, 2014



Don’t let Your Past Determine Your Future Service For God

Greg and Pat share that there is hope for everyone who have past failures, to be used of God.  One example they share regarding this hope is about Saul before he got saved and became Apostle Paul.  He persecuted the church even to the point of killing some believers.  Yet when he met Jesus he had an encounter with God and that encounter led him into kingdom service.  He was willing to go into cities and proclaim the gospel. They continue to share that many in the kingdom of God have not gone out into the harvest because of excuses of convenience, comfort and money.   They challenge VFN Radio listeners to win cities for God.  They share that they are looking for those who are willing to get free from the religious bondage and believe God to do what he says he can do. We are looking for a few who will stand up in this generation.  Maybe you are called to be a part of Gideon’s Army, the weakest and least likely.  Enlist and join the spiritual army of God.  We have been preparing for you.  We are looking for a few humble servants that understand that we need God.   If that’s you join God’s spiritual army today.

Raising a Healthy Generation of Children

Greg, John, and Pat discuss the importance of raising a healthy generation of children.  There is a difference between having tenants and that of raising children.  They continue to share that even James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, who had dedicated his entire life to working with and writing about children, parenting, family, and marriage has said that when you get to the teenage years, you just have to go through them.  It’s not that easy to raise children and raise them with values that will cause them not to leech from parents and government but to raise children that will cry out to God for their provision.  It’s time to seek God and refuse to turn to the hands that will lead to unhealthy dependence on others.

How Rich are YOU?

John and Pat plug in numbers in a website that calculates how wealthy you are compared to the rest of the world.  The calculator will even tell you what percentage of the rich you are in based on the world’s population.  You will find that even the least in the United States are extremely wealthy than the poorest half of the world’s population, who live on less than $4 per day.


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