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Home » Watch Francis Chan: God did not Call Us to Play Safe

Watch Francis Chan: God did not Call Us to Play Safe

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LISTEN NOW! WATCHJohn, Pat and Steve have an insightful conversation as they share about a recent video from Francis Chan and his demonstration of a Christian living a safe life. Sometimes, trying to balance everything that comes upon us when we are walking with the Lord, it can cause us to look down and simply hold on for safety only to find ourselves at the end of the balance beam standing before the Judge. We were not meant to be safe or be boring. You don’t have to go bungee jumping or sky diving if you want an adventure, just follow Jesus! There are dangers of living a safe life with a “form of godliness”. We were called to be sons and daughters of God. We can wake up each and every day with the expectation of miracles and awesome testimonies of the Good News of Jesus Christ. There are no crowns for safety. Enjoy this encouraging and insightful moment as you see the difference of living for safety and living for adventure in Christ, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Francis Chan, balance beam, fear, boldness, evangelism, safety, The Judgment Seat of Christ, the Joy of the Lord, and life.


Francis Chan- Balance Beam

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