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Home » You and Me Forever: Rediscovering the Purpose of Marriage

You and Me Forever: Rediscovering the Purpose of Marriage

Courtesy of Ernest R. Prim/

LISTEN NOW! WATCH! John, Pat, and Steve continue the conversation about Francis and Lisa Chan’s new book, You and Me Forever’. In releasing this book, Francis and Lisa wanted to challenge and remind others that the plan for marriage was not about being happy but about glorifying God. The church is not meant to be a subculture of the world, but a counterculture. When we begin to ask the question, “How can we make the name of Jesus Christ famous?” we will see a vastly different approach to marriage compared to how the world presents it. In addition to the release of the new book, Francis and Lisa captured a video of how they pursue to live out their marriage glorifying God. Be encouraged and challenged as you see marriage with an eternal view, how others viewed their marriage, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: You and Me Forever.


The Chans

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