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Home » Don’t “Fall” To Evil Suspicions: Learn the Truth part 1

Don’t “Fall” To Evil Suspicions: Learn the Truth part 1

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, Pat and Steve have an integral conversation about the conversation that we can come across each and every day. As the church, it is important for us to be aware of the words that we are allowing into our ears and into our hearts. If we start believing the words that go against truth, we will have to contend with those. God created us in His image with the ability to create things.
Having a conversation about topics without any sourcing or truth behind it is to have a conversation just based on suspicion. If we’re not careful with our words we will bring into creation things based on suspicion, even evil suspicion. Be encouraged as you hear the importance of the words we say, the words in our hearts, the words that we listen to, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: employment, marriage, health, the fall of man, the President, evil, and truth.

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