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VFNRadio First Hour Hour October 15, 2014




Living in the Fulfillment of Prophetic Times


Greg, Pat, and John speak of all the many prophetic words that are coming to pass.  They discuss Israel’s most recent need to defend itself from Hamas, allegedly the military strong arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Israel has to defend itself because of this administration’s alleged policies in the Middle East.  Another prophetic word that was spoken of was, the United States being split because of wanting to divide Israel and suggesting that they go back to the 1967 border lines.  Our recent election shows that America is divided about the course of our nation and the value of our constitution.  We are now seeing as of this week, 34 states have filed petitions and gave signatures for their states to secede from the United States.  Greg continue to share that he sees a huge shift taking place that started when our Secret Service, who has done a wonderful job protecting our Presidents, were publicly shamed.  Now it looks like our decorated four star generals are being shamed.  Greg continues to share a prophetic word where he was shown the weakening of our military and how it was being done.  It was being done by the government spending into oblivion; it is a strategy that would allow the dismantling of the military for what would appear to be “legitimate” budgetary concerns.  Some of the other things spoken about; President Woodrow Wilson; QE3; Thomas Friedman and The World is Flat; Radical Islam; Muslim Brotherhood; and digital data storage facilities.

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