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VFNRadio First Hour October 24, 2014




    Greg, Pat, and Steve have an encouraging conversation about bread. Often times, we forget the goodness of bread. We see that it comes sliced but forget that it doesn’t come that way. Someone slices it all up. Fresh out of the oven, bread is a whole loaf. When it’s fresh, the aroma of bread can fill an entire home and draw you in. Jesus said that He is the Bread of Life and that His flesh is real food. Be encouraged as you hear about the different slices of bread that are being created, how you can share them with others, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: salvation, fresh bread, Sack N’ Save, bread trucks, and abiding.

   Pat’s a Bit Woozy; Amusement Park Experiences, Kind of- Humor

    Greg, Pat and Steve have a humorous discussion as they detail the encounters of what took place on their long road trip back home. When the GPS directed them past an amusement park with a wide open parking lot, they had to drive in. Well, one of them drove, while the other said nothing. Find out the details of this hilarious encounter, how Pat feels towards amusement parks, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Cracker Barrel, Saints, GPSs, ticket booths, and Coca-Cola.


Man Dead for 72 Hours, Comes back to Life. Find out What He Said.


    Greg, Pat and Steve recount the words of Jesus as to what He said to His disciples after returning from the dead. Jesus said to Go and make disciples. Why is this done so little in the church today and breezed over?  If a dead man came back to life, would his last words be important to you? Would you listen to them? Would you do them? In order to make disciples, we first need to become a disciple ourselves.  What does that mean? Find out these integral truths, how you can carry out a life obeying Jesus, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: The Great Commission, the Koran, abiding, disciples, and the Bible.


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