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VFNRadio First Hour October 3, 2014





Rebooting in Your God Perspective; A Discussion on Francis Chan’s book ‘Crazy Love’


    Greg, Pat and Steve have an encouraging conversation about love and the One who is Love, God. The conversations in culture today are often seen as self-focused and our attention is entertainment focused. Taking this into consideration, is it any surprise that are thoughts of God are small and weak? Love is under attack. You can’t make God small, but you can make your perspective of God small. How you perceive God will affect how you relate to Him and communicate to Him. Often times we can simply begin speaking without a true understand of the One who we are speaking to. Be encouraged as you hear how Saul’s encounter with God changed his life and how the perspective of love can change our own lives, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: love, abiding, religion, the Milky Way Galaxy, praying, Crazy Love, Throne Room of God, and humility.


How Will Christians use Media for God in the Future


     Steve, John and Pat talk about the advancements in technology and how we can use them to impact the nations for the Kingdom of God. It was only a few years ago when incorporating videos into a speech was cutting edge. Now we have smartphones, computers and technology that allow us to reach the world with a few simple clicks. In any one culture, there are seven different “mountains” that affect that culture. One of these is the media mountain. Recently, there has been movie after movie that has been a light shining the truths of Who God is, and the love of Jesus Christ. Specifically, Lee University, has reportedly added a building to their campus at the cost of $10 Million with the intention of not only training up students to use media for God, but also the next generations to come. These are exciting days to see how the church is utilizing what is being given to advance the Kingdom for God’s glory. Find out the details of these events and so much more. Also shared in this segment: The Seven Mountains, Media, Heaven is For Real, Saving Christmas, Charisma Magazine, and God’s Not Dead.


Netanyahu speech at United Nations General Assembly amidst Accusations of Genocide


    Steve, John and Pat share about the upcoming event of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly. In light of this, Israel is being accused by Mahmod Abbas, of genocide in its actions during Operation Protective Edge. During each one of the conflicts that Israel was involved in, it was in defense of itself, which is the opposite of the very definition of Genocide. Truth is the only way to fight the lies that daily come against the existence of Israel. As the church, we must continue to be truth bearers and shine our lights amidst the lies and darkness being spread. Keep Israel in the forefront of your prayers. Find out the details of these events, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: United Nations, Mahmoud Abbas, Operation Protective Edge, Israel, Mayor Bloomberg, and prayer.


The Fruit of Repentance


    Steve, John and Pat talk about the importance of the criticalness of what so often we can gloss right over, repentance. When God sent John the Baptist ahead of Jesus, his message was simple and it was clear; “bear fruit in keeping with repentance.”-Luke 3:8 Often times, one can repent for their actions. But, when repentance comes from “Godly Sorrow”, the fact that we hurt God’s heart, and not simply the sorrow of being caught, there will be a change of action, a change of thought and patterns. Jesus calls us to bear fruit, “showing ourselves to be his disciples.”– John 15:8.  Repentance is not something we can breeze over. It is how we are supposed to live our lives. Find out more of the importance of repentance in our lives, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: axes at the roots, good fruit, bad fruit, Antioch, Christ-like, and Christ followers.


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