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Home » What Groceries are You Carrying?

What Groceries are You Carrying?


Courtesy of Blinka/

LISTEN NOW! Some may be able to relate to that challenging task of carrying all of the groceries from the car, to the house, to the kitchen counter. When your hands are full, all you can focus on is getting to the door. The focus of the moment is a drastic difference than taking a slow walk through a park, or sitting in a gazebo. How often do we find ourselves carrying the groceries in our lives when God desires for us to have the gazebo moments with Him. What we have picked up may be good, but is it God? Allow your faith to be stirred as you see how to return to that place of peace, or possibly begin a life of peace from this day forward, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: groceries, Home Depot, gazebos, pride, peace, abiding, and repentance. Pat and Steve shared in this segment.


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