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VFNRadio First Hour December 18, 2014



If Jesus had a Facebook                


   Greg, John, and Pat discuss the idea what it would have been like if Jesus had a Facebook.  They go along Jesus’ life as he would have chronicled and post things on his Facebook.  From the time he was unknown, to when he was widely known, to a time that no one wanted to know Him.  This is a riveting journey that keeps you listening to what happens next.  Some things you may know and some things you will be surprised to know but at the end you will know what it would have been like if Jesus had a Facebook.


The Tales of Cockroaches and Men        


   Greg, John, Pat, and Chris share several hilarious stories, at least to them, involving cockroaches.  One of which was a story Greg shares when he was a deputy, law enforcement officer.   He was called to a vacant house that was in probate with a report of something going on in the house.  Greg shows up to the house; it has no electricity, it’s dark and as he stands on the porch he sees the door is cracked open.  Immediately he thinks that if someone is in the house he is going to flash his huge light blinding them to catch them by surprise.  Well the surprise was on him. He opened the door to flash his flash light but he didn’t see anyone there except 3 inch cockroaches everywhere.  At once they flew all over him and he is covered in roaches.  He has roaches crawling all over him, up his pant legs, through the sleeves of his shirt.  Needless to say, he did a quick search of the house.  Enjoy the rest of these stories as they share a light humor moment with theVFNRadio audience listeners.


Only in His Presence

   Greg, John, and Pat share about a time when Greg and Pat where in Israel.  They received prayer and the blessing of the priesthood and the presence of God enveloped them.  They continued to share how wonderful it is to be in the Lord’s presence and how they have become so overcome and moved to tears.  They continue to discuss how we can’t fix ourselves no matter how hard we try but what we can do is seek to be in the Lord’s presence and he can do more in just one second in His presence than what we can do in a lifetime of trying to fix ourselves.  It’s only in his presence are we made whole.



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