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VFNRadio First Hour December 25, 2014



Keeping CHRIST in “CHRISTmust” this year!

Greg, John, and Pat discuss the importance of keeping CHRIST in “CHRISTmust”.  They continue to discuss the push that takes place this time of the year to try to take Christ out of Christmas and to make it all about anything as long as they don’t make it about Jesus.  They encourage us to imagine if this was our last Christmas.  No matter how much satan tries to negatively influence people of the reality of Jesus Christ and his birth he will never be successful.  This is a perfect time not to shrink back.  One NJ mayor refused to call it a “Holiday” tree but instead said the city is putting up a Christmas tree.  The tree itself speaks much about Jesus and serves as a continual reminder and teaching moment.  The Bible says cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree.  Jesus died on the cross, a tree, and became a curse so we don’t have to be cursed.  The lights resemble the light of God’s word shining through.  They encourage us to restore purity in our giving and not make Christmas about us but rather about Jesus.
Religious Spirit still trying to snuff out the things of God
Greg, John, and Pat discuss how the religious spirit is still trying to snuff out the things of God.  It was so evident at the time of Moses’ birth that his mother placed him in a basket and put him in the river so they couldn’t capture and kill him.  This same spirit was trying to snuff out Jesus before his time so God spoke to Joseph to move them from one location to another.  There are many things that have been done and are currently done in the name of Christ that are not Godly and are trying to stop and snuff out what God is doing on the face of the earth.  We must not forget that the Lord looks at the heart and he only is the one who knows the true motives behind ones action. 
You can’t receive Love until you forgive; Start with forgiving yourself
Greg, John, and Pat discuss how you can’t receive love until you forgive and the best place to start is with yourself.  People who can’t forgive themselves not only punish themselves but others as well.  Self-hate is being in agreement with what the devil has spoken to you about yourself.    They continue to speak about how NBA basketball star Dwayne Wade just bought his mother a two million dollar church building.  His mother who now is a minister wasn’t always saved.  In fact while Dwayne was a boy his mother was addicted to drugs and was arrested and it was that period of incarceration that caused his mother to be filled with self-hate for what her life had become.  After years of struggling with addiction Dwayne’s mother gave her life to Jesus and found freedom.
Jesus’ Yoke
Pat, John, and Chris discuss Jesus’ yoke in Matthew 11:25-30.  It is impossible to do anything good without Jesus.  They continue to share that when they first gave their heart to the Lord, they felt yoke of sin and darkness come off of them and how light and wonderful it felt.  In exchange Jesus offers us to take his yoke upon us, to learn from him and receive rest for his yoke is easy and his burden is light.


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