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VFNRadio Second Hour December 18, 2014



Salt and Light of the World

   Greg, John, Pat, and Chris discuss how Jesus has called Christians the salt and light of the world.  However, if salt loses its saltiness it is worthless.  As believers we are called to preserve the message of the Kingdom.  We are to bring out the flavor of having life in God.  It is also important to know that too much salt kills.  We are called to sprinkle the truth of God’s word to all.  In the same way we are to be the light of the world which is really allowing the true light who lives inside Christians to shine forth to do good deeds that cause people to glorify the father.

TRUE Sheep Stay Close to The Shepherd, What about you?

   Greg, John and Pat discuss how sheep stay close to the shepherd.  Jesus says that my sheep hear my voice.  That is what abiding with the Lord is all about, staying close to the shepherd, hearing his voice and obeying what He says.  If we draw close to God he will come near to us.  They continue to share an experience they had when they approached sheep in Israel and how the sheep moved along and went towards their shepherd.

The Prayer of FAITH not of doubt

   John, Greg, and Pat share about praying with Faith without doubting what you are asking God to do.  Many today have become skeptical, suspicious and mistrusting because much of the world today is filled with so much deception and falsehood.  They continue to talk about some of the things that make God so appealing in this life, He is Faithful and True and that He is trustworthy.  As believers we must believe that He exists and that He, God, will reward us for seeking Him.  Jesus tells us in Mark 11: 22-24 that whatever you ask for in prayer believe that you have received it without doubting and it will be done for you.  God’s word says that without faith it is impossible to please God.  God instructs us to pray without wavering in our belief declaring God’s word in our life and over a situation and believing that you presently have what you are asking God to do.  Basically, God says it; I believe it and that settles it.



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