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VFNRadio Second Hour December 25, 2014



Purity in Your Giving

Greg discusses putting purity in our giving this Christmas season and reminds us to give and buy gifts from our heart.  He continues to share wisdom with us in regard to not going in debt because of buying gifts.  Instead give what you can afford and go into 2013 focusing on the Lord and not on our debt.
The Grieving Heart of God
John and Pat discuss the vastness and awesomeness of God. They declare his majesty and marvel at his greatness.  They also discussed how in Genesis 6 the people that inhabited the land caused God’s heart to be grieved and filled with pain.  They continued to share how God has designed us for relationship and how sin hurts us, enslaves us and separates us from having a relationship with God.  His desire is for us to be with Him.  We can either bring joy or pain to God’s heart.  We don’t have to grieve God but instead bring great joy to Him.
Don’t wait to experience Hard times heed the warning before it comes
Greg, John, and Pat discuss how accidents happen but before they happen they were not accidents.  The same is true with hard times.  The sad thing is that some people say that unless something happens to them it is not real.  The reality is that Wisdom is shouting in the streets.  Hard times are coming.  This was true in the times of Noah, and right before God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.  God has lovingly sent his messengers his warnings for us to turn away from sin and turn our hearts back to God.
Building on the Plumb line of GOD
Greg, John, and Pat discuss the importance of building on the plumb line of God and His word.  They continue to discuss what they experienced at during IHOPKC, International House of Prayer, One Thing conference.   They mentioned although all the speakers shared powerful messages they continued to contend that Francis Chan’s message was the plumb line in the body of Christ.  They further discuss how sometimes people build doctrines on stories or one point in a series of points that are all connected to land a particular truth.  If you are not building on the word of God then it really doesn’t matter what you are building.  They further discussed the truth bomb that Francis shared in the Fear of the Lord.  It’s important to have a biblical understanding of truth.  Just because someone heard a message doesn’t always mean they understood or received with the right understanding and perspective.  The church is built on the foundation laid by the Apostles and Prophets but Jesus must always be the cornerstone.


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