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Vision of the Dark Cloud and the Bright Cloud: Some of the best of times and the worst of times

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LISTEN NOW! Continual prophetic words have been released about the best of times and worst of times. Additional clarity can be seen of what exactly this looks like. Charisma News shares how during a particular conference, Dr. Mark Marclay, shares how he drifted into the spirit and saw “this horrible black cloud was rising up over the horizon”. Marclay asked the Lord what exactly it was that he was seeing. “This is every evil thing you can name. It is every demon, it is every disease, it is sickness and bacterial attacks that haven’t even been discovered yet. It will cause humans to do things to humans that aren’t even human. It is filled with insanity, and many people will lose their mind and their faculties. It is murder, terror, rape, abuse, terrorism, torture, and much worse. It is filled with deceptions, heresies, perversions and filth.” Marclay then dialogued back and forth about additional things that he had been shown.
Only moments later, Marclay had yet another encounter. As he had seen the blackest of clouds coming over the horizon to his left, this time he had seen the brightness of a white cloud coming over the horizon to his right. Asking the Lord what he was being shown, he was told, “It is filled with the greatest miracles humans have ever seen. It is filled with healing for every disease, and a cure for every sickness. It is power to overcome sin and filth- they receive the truth and reject error, heresy and doctrines of demons. It is a full manifestation of My Spirit. It is the full anointing of Jesus Christ and more, much more.” Of all the details of what he was shown, there is a significant difference for those who did and did not have pure hearts and clean hands. Hear the breathtaking details of what was shown, how each of us can have clean hands, a pure heart, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: prophetic words, evil, demonic works, sicknesses, terrorism, visions, light & dark, Glory of The Lord, abiding, holiness, repentance, and prayer. Greg, Pat and John shared in this segment.

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