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Loving God, Loving Others and Leading Others to do the Same

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Home » Are we Reaping the fruit of Hours spent on Role Playing Video Games where Murder, Rape, and Rebellion towards Authority is the Norm?

Are we Reaping the fruit of Hours spent on Role Playing Video Games where Murder, Rape, and Rebellion towards Authority is the Norm?


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LISTEN NOW!  Images and realities of war are not just seen through the eyes of soldiers anymore. Through the advancements of technology, these images and realities  are known by many Americans. It was only a few decades ago when this technology didn’t exist. Technology has also been used to train the soldiers of today that the soldiers of yesterday did not have. When we look at those who wore the uniforms in World War I, many were apprehensive of the reality of pulling the trigger and taking the life of another human being. Jump to World War II and those numbers dropped dramatically. Fast forward to where we are today and we not only have realities of war taking place once again, but it’s also happening in virtually, in homes throughout the world.

There have been shootings in the streets, open violence against one another, rebellion against authority, rapes, and murders continually occurring on, what appears to be a daily basis. How did we get here? When there was a shooter that released gunfire in the Navy Yard in Washington D.C., his actions reflect the very images depicted in a game called, “Grand Theft Auto”. Based on reports, this man spent hours each day playing these types of games to the point that food was brought to him while continuing to play. According to Grand Theft Auto Online’s 2014 reports, there were 33,834,423 Global Players, playing 2,330,825,301 hours of this game in 224 countries. When looking at the actual gameplay profiles of these players, 341,913,222 different weapons were owned. If we virtually allow murder, rape, and rebellion to happen in our homes, should we be surprised when we see the identical actions carried out in our streets, in our neighborhoods, in our schools?

As the church, we cannot embrace dark and light together, we cannot choose both up and down.  When we see the present realities of today, there is a path that can be seen clearly that reveals how we got here. You could almost view them as “phases”; one to another that ultimately brings us to day. When we see these phases clearly and how we got here, it is an empowering moment because it gives us clarity as to how we can return back to God’s original intent. Be encouraged as you hear the news behind the news of what is taking place, why its happening, what to do about it and so much more. Also shared in this segment: violence, hate, Grand Theft Auto, ISIS, Washington D.C. Navy Yard, Valerie Jarrett, Original Intent for the Church, Dr. MLK Jr.,  Andrew Jackson, Jill Stanek, Bob Jones, France, accounting debt, and humility. Greg and John shared during this segment. WATCH FULL PROGRAM!


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image source:

Violent Scenes from ‘Grand Theft Auto’

Washington DC Naval Yard Shooter Captured on Security Cameras

Paris Shooting: Gunmen Filmed Shooting  Paris Police Officer in Charlie Hebdo Attack

In the wake of the shooting in Aurora, Colorado, the Department of Homeland Security and the city of Houston, Texas, have released a instructional video on what to do during an “active shooter” event.   
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Romans 1:18-32, Exodus 16, John 1:14

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