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LISTEN NOW! Many understand the process when our stomachs growl signifying that we are hungry. For those who are able, they reach for food and feed themselves. Of all the things that Jesus could have told us, He said, “man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” – Matthew 4:4. We cannot find life anywhere in this life but only in the word of God itself: the Bible. In an interview with CBS, Denzel and Paulette Washington share about the power of the Bible. Paulette said, “You can find any answer in there, I believe. And not just any answer, but the truth of the question.” The Bible defines every area of life we can consider. Why did Jesus express the importance of the Bible in order to live?

The American Bible Society had a recent study revealing some interesting findings about the Bible. 79% of Americans expressed the Bible as Holy, compared to the Koran at 12%, the book of Mormon at 5%. Continuing through this study, 50% of Americans strongly agree that the Bible contains everything a person needs to know to live a meaningful life.  Instead of trying to protest the way through, how different would the outcome be if we spoke what God says in His Word? Here the full study and the profound findings on the power and effect of the Bible, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.



Denzel and Paulette share about their ‘Bible Experience’

Bibles being delivered in China

image source: AmericanBible.org
image source: AmericanBible.org
image source: AmericanBible.org

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