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Loving God, Loving Others and Leading Others to do the Same

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Home » Gripping Interview with the Benham Brothers: Authors of New Book Whatever the Cost

Gripping Interview with the Benham Brothers: Authors of New Book Whatever the Cost

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 LISTEN NOW! In an interview with The Blaze, Glenn Beck sits down with the authors of the book, Whatever the Cost, David and Jason Benham. Beck shares the powerful encounter he had when visiting Silicon Valley and the optimism of the people he met there. The Benham brothers share the Biblical principle of the mindset of those in Silicon Valley, they are producers. In the Book of Genesis 1:27 states, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness”. God created the heavens and the Earth. When we look at the lives of the forefathers of America, we can see the lives of creativity and productivity that they lived out clearly for all of us to see. In today’s culture, there is more of a consumer mentality. The Benham brothers describe this difference as simply as ‘rivers and ponds’. When we look at the stark difference of the two, there are no algae or bull frogs in a river. Plainly, the “ponds don’t do squat”. 

God has called us to make an impactful presence wherever we are and where he has called us to be. In these places, there should be a transformation taking place, not only in our lives because of what God is doing, but in the lives of those around us. “We truly believe that Christianity is not just a religion, but a comprehensive world view that has the answers for all of life.” Allow these powerful realities to make a lasting impact in your life as you hear more of the stories of how their father raised them with Biblical principles, how millennials are currently seeing values vs. solutions, what the difference is between going to church and being the church, how to live a life of transformation, how to live out your testimony, how to be the salt of the earth, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment. 

Some of the additional things he talked about:

“…we were producers and not consumers, but what happens is, that when, by your production good things happen and you receive blessings, and in those who come behind you are raised in those blessings, they don’t necessarily have to produce quite as much because everything is right there…that consumer mentality shift people back into their little hole to where they’re constantly thinking give me, give me, give me..”

“Jason and I are always looking at people, and we’re seeing, are they a river or a pond? I mean, you don’t have algae growing in a river, but you have the algae and the big bullfrogs, and all of the mosquitoes and everything around that pond. Why? Because that pond is just sitting there, taking in the water, and it’s not moving. “

“we’re rivers, we’re constantly bringing life. What happens in a river? It generates electricity, it generates clean drinking water…. It carries heavy loads…..but ponds don’t do squat.”

“millennials aren’t as concerned about values as much as they’re concerned about solutions….they don’t see Christians as holding the proper solutions, they think that maybe they have some good values, but solutions, maybe not so much..”

“Christianity is not just a religion but it is a comprehensive world view that has the answers to all of life.”

“…turn your theology into your biography.”

“If church is a place that you go and testimony is something that you give, well then attendance to a church in a geographic location is gonna be paramount. But if church is something that you are, and testimony is something that you live, then remaining in that state of being will be paramount, and then you will be salt; you will be light….


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Glenn Beck Program with Benham Brothers

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this post was edited/ added to on 5/29/2015

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