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VFNtv Internship Testimonies: Maybe Internship is for you?


LISTEN NOW! Some believe that “when they get older”, “then” the opportunities come. God has an awesome plan for everyone, regardless of age. By looking back at history and through what God did in the Azusa Street Revival, it was the young people that were used powerfully by God. If you are a teenager, stop waiting on the adults to do something. There are interns, right now, making a significant impact in the daily productions of the Daily VFNtv Program. Hear the testimonies of the recent graduating VFNInternship class about how the VFNInternship has changed them, and what they’ve learned. You can get involved TODAY! It’s not just about doing something for God, but growing in your relationship with God as a disciple! Maybe the VFNInternship is for you! Watch the testimonies, first-hand, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Israel, desert, Promised Land, discipleship, character, integrity, maturity, cameras, media, and life. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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