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WATCH! The Power Grid Out? Are Russia, China, and Iran in already?



America’s Power Grid has been Infiltrated 12 Times in Ten Years: If the Power Grid Goes Down 17 Critical Infrastructure Sectors go down Without power

What would happen if the power went out, across the entire stretch of America? This threat is more real than it has ever been in our history. According to The Blaze, cyberattacks have already gained access into our networks. To be more specific, “12 times within the last decade”. Reportedly, Russia, China, and Iran, make up those who have access to America’s grid system.
Ted Koppel has recognized the lingering vulnerabilities that are being neglected in America. He was recently discussing this same topic on NBC News. Koppel bluntly shares the truth that many are not seeing, “The problem is, everybody is worried about explosive vests and people with AK-47’s. We live in the day and age where someone sitting in Somalia, or Chile, or in Perth, Australia, can be sitting there with a laptop and theoretically can take down one of our power grids, or part of our infrastructure and do infinitely more damage…” If this threat were not anymore of an imminent threat, Koppel quoting former Director of the National Security, Keith Alexander, shares how this is effecting companies, “Every company in the United States falls into one of two categories: those that have been hacked and those that don’t yet know it.” In essence, this is the very reason that prompted Koppel to write his most recent book, Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath.
As this vulnerability began to materialize more and more for Koppel, he set out to research what is being done as a response for preparation. After reaching out to multiple organizations, such as FEMA, The Department of Homeland Security, and the Red Cross, his findings were less than desirable. On repeated occurrences he was given the response of having 2-3 days of resources: food and water. After these 3 days, THERE IS NO PLAN. When Koppel specifically sat down with Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, his response was on the same surprising tone; “I kept asking, ‘what’s the plan’. Why wait until disaster strikes. Do you have a plan?’ And he just sort of pointed up at a shelf with white binders and he said, ‘Look I’m sure there is something up there somewhere.’”

Ironically enough, when Senator Harry Reid voiced the rising threat in Congress by citing Ted Koppel’s book and stating a “Cyber Pearl Harbor”, the following response from media has been an eerie silence. Koppel continued the conversation when he sat down with Charlie Rose and talked about the potential realities of an attack, of this size, how it could potentially be carried out, and what its effects would be. The words and warnings from Koppel is another confirmation raising the warning of days that are upon us. With all of these things coming to fruition, it is important to have remind ourselves what the Kingdom perspective is, “Don’t Panic! This is what God has allowed to bring in the harvest.” Be informed and greatly encouraged as you see and hear what is taking place, how to prepare, and how to remain fruitful for the Lord amidst each moment, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: cyber security, hackers, terrorism, Iran, network security, Lights Out, hardship, crisis, and the Harvest. John, Greg, and Steve shared in this segment. 

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