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WATCH! Muslim Organization believing they can Register 1 Million Muslim Voters this year and Have a Swing Vote



“Islamic State will Probably Attack the U.S. in 2016”, National Intelligence Report  
The movement of ISIS is continuing and the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, is taking note. According to CBN, Clapper has identified ISIS as a “pre-eminent terror threat” and that they are “likely planning an attack against the United States.” These are credible acknowledgements and must be heeded with wisdom. Hear more about what Clapper shared during a hearing on Capitol Hill, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Radical Islam, terrorism, and media. Greg shared in this segment.
“We have to Register Every Muslim in the United States to VOTE”, says Nihad Awad, head of CAIR

When we hear the word “Sharia Law” we must understand that it is a radical belief that holds strictly to the tenets of the Koran. For those who follow the ways of Sharia Law, believe that it should be held above the U.S. Constitution. For those who practice this radical way of thinking, what are they seeking to bring to America? Nihad Awad is the Executive Director of CAIR, The Council on American-Islamic Relations. Memri-TV has recently captured a speech that he delivered regarding Muslims and voting. “We have to register every single Muslim to vote in 2016. The Muslim vote can be the swing vote in major states.” He also continues to share the intentions to negotiate with candidates. “We would like to have an accurate assessment of our voting power of our inclination on issues. Based on that, we are going to meet with Presidential and local candidates on issues of concern to American Muslims; and we’re going to negotiate with them. We’ve done it in many elections. We’re going to do it in this election.”
CAIR presently establishes themselves as a 501c-3 organization, which is a non-profit. But, that doesn’t stop them from being open and upfront of their intention to be involved with political action committees. “We cannot endorse or oppose candidates, or raise funds for candidates, or against candidates, like all mosques in the country. But who will make that decision, like a political action committee that is registered by law to conduct that. And that recommendation that will be given by that organization can be conveyed through social media networks and through other networks throughout the Muslim community.”
These methods are being used to, as he said, to win the swing states, but also to swing those state-level votes, like school boards. Ultimately, they understand the 7 Mountains, the 7 different areas within the culture: Family, Government, Education, Media, Arts & Entertainment, Religion, and Business.  As an all-encompassing direction, they are seeking to overtake the Constitution.
If we continue to deceive ourselves stating “that will never happen” we will find ourselves in a reality where it, indeed has happened. Just moments ago, a man was arrested because of an ISIS inspired attack against a Church in Detroit. Instead of taking steps to speak out in condemnation for acts such as this, organizations such as CAIR, are not addressing this, but instead seeking to the further the narrative about Radical Islam. We must stand up and utilize the freedom of being able to vote in our country and voting for those with godly principles and values. Hear the full story of what these beliefs imply, how it matters to stand up for Jesus Christ, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Radical Islam, voting, Florida, Ohio, non-profit, freedom, and election. Greg and John shared in this segment.

Ex Muslim Shares Truth Regarding Islam

The current administration has expressed many comments regarding Islam in the world and within America. Most recently, President Obama has traveled to a mosque, specifically within the United States, to discuss theology. As a response to the San Bernardino Terrorist Shooting, President Obama has been quoted as stating that it was an “act of terrorism influenced by a perverted interpretation of Islam.” When asked about these statements, former Muslim turned Christian, Brother Rachid shares his perspective about this. “How the President knows that those are perverting Islam? Why Western Presidents and Politicians turn to be theologians in one day? Who gives them the right to interpret Islam?”

CBN’s Dale Hurd sat down with Rachid to ask him some pivotal questions that many may be wondering themselves. When Hurd asked Rachid who is right in the argument about whether Islam is a religion of peace, Rachid responded by sharing, “The way how we should interpret any text is to follow the founder. The founder of Islam, was he a peaceful person, or a violent person? If you check the life of Mohammed, he was preaching his religion over 23 years. Ten of these years, the last of these years, he lived a violent life…” Their dialogue continues to share about Syrian refugees, Sharia Law, and how Islam indoctrinates hatred.

Sharia Law says specifically that if one commits adultery, they are to be stoned. The same happened in the Old Testament of the Bible. The difference is Jesus Christ. We no longer have to fulfill the law. Jesus is the New Covenant. This is vital to understand.

According to reports, ISIS militants are brutally raping women in the Middle East with the mindset that they are advancing Islam. According to their beliefs, the woman is now a Muslim. Christianity is entirely different. Christianity is only spread when an individual makes a decision to repent for their sins and receive Jesus Christ into their lives.

In America, we have freedoms for all citizens. If someone is a Muslim, they have the right to stand up and speak for what they believe in. As the Church, we have the right and ability to speak for what we believe as well and we must do so. Are we going to let our silence lose this land? Hear this timely truth and Biblical perspective that we must understand, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: CBN, Radical Islam, theology, Sharia Law, cutting off hand, stoning, criminal law, and Jihad. Greg and John shared in this segment.

118,574 VOTES DECIDED WHO WAS PRESIDENT IN 1960. 3 Million in 2004 and 54 MILLION EVANGELICALS DIDN’T VOTE IN 2012! NOT TO VOTE, IS TO VOTE;The History of Close U.S. Presidential Elections, VFNtv.com/Vote!

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m only one vote, it really doesn’t matter.” You may have heard it, or you may have been the one that has said it. What some may not realize is the number of Presidential Elections that have been decided by remarkably small elections. Just by looking at a few of the elections in America, would cause someone who has said the above statement, to register to vote and urgently do so.

In 1916, Woodrow Wilson won the Presidency with a margin of only 591,385 votes. It was under the leadership of Woodrow Wilson that the League of Nations was implemented; what is now known as the United Nations. It was Wilson’s perception that if you tie all of the nation’s economies together, there would be no war. Maybe without the leadership of Woodrow Wilson, we would be in a far different reality, and without a United Nations.

The 1960 election between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon was decided by a mere 118,574, putting Kennedy on top. If the elections would of presented Nixon on top, maybe Kennedy would still be with us today. Getting a little closer to today, George Bush was the President after the 2004 elections with a slim victory of 3,000,176 voters.

Think about this. When taking into consideration the total population of America, these major decisions of the next leader could of gone the entirely other way if it were not for a handful of votes. Every single vote matters. When considering voting this year, take this perspective into consideration; “The individual who is elected the next President has the power to send, or not to send, your sons and daughters, and even you, to war.”

We must begin to get involved again. Yes, America is a land of laws and freedoms, but we cannot watch it pass us by. We must take an active role in protecting the liberties and freedoms within our generation. What does it mean to live as a Civil Christian in a Civil Land? This is the responsibility that each of us must own and walk out. Hear more about the importance of voting, how to be active in the electoral process, the Biblical perspective of choosing leaders, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Constitution, Civil Rights, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., voter registration, military draft, CAIR, Nixon, Gerald Ford, swing votes, 10 commitments, and humility. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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