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Home » WATCH! Tornado Hits Gulf Coast; Does ISIS Have Chemical Weapons?; and New Move ‘RISEN’

WATCH! Tornado Hits Gulf Coast; Does ISIS Have Chemical Weapons?; and New Move ‘RISEN’



Tornadoes Hit the Gulf: Pensacola Gets Pounded


Our hearts and prayers go out to those in the Pensacola and the Gulf Coast area. A tornado touched down in Pensacola causing brick buildings to crumble and roofs to be completely lifted off houses and buildings. When The Pensacola News Journal spoke to Joanne Grzesiak, resident of the Moorings Apartments, she shared, ‘…a tornado just touched down and removed the roofs of all four housing complex buildings, and within 30 seconds two buildings are completely collapsed…’. Others have shared that before they could run, the roof was ripped off the building. With a suddenly such as this, you don’t have time to prepare, you just react.


Based off what we know so far, there has been no loss of life. As we consider and hear about these events, it is important to remember, as people are suffering all around us, we must be there for those walking through this process; those who have just experienced their houses and belongings totally destroyed. It is easy to understand the encouraging words from the Lord; those messages of joy and celebration. Along with these, can we also walk in compassion with those who are broken and sad? Just as others and ourselves can experience these situations, so does the Lord.


Devastations such has this may occur in 30 seconds but can take 30 years to recover. Matthew 7:24 shares, “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” These storms, as we see, WILL come physically, but they can also come in other ways throughout our lives. Learn more about what is taking place now, what to do in moments such as this, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: weather, disaster, tornado, Moorings Apartments, Pensacola, calmness, peace, and abiding. John and Steve shared in this segment.

Can ISIS Launch Chemical Attack in the U.S.?  

Chemicals weapons have been used in war before and they are again being used in warfare today. We already know that chemicals weapons have been used in Syria by President Bashar al-Assad against his own people. We have seen the horrific events happening by ISIS throughout the Middle East. What we don’t know is if ISIS has capabilities of chemical weapons.

Kurdish soldiers and members of the Peshmerga military have been on the front lines fighting against ISIS. According to CBN, ISIS has “launched more than 30 mortar shells on February 11th. Those shells turned out to be chemical weapons.” About 175 soldiers have suffered effects from these weapons. While CBN was reporting footage from this area, one soldier literally collapsed during an interview.


With this recognition of ISIS’s capability of chemical weapons, a more concerning thought to ask is who can ISIS supply these weapons to? The weapons could very well end up in the hands of Hezbollah, or another terrorist group in the region.  On more than one occasion, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has warned of the increasing nuclear threat of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, or ICBMs. Weapons that can reach Israel have been in existence already, the development of ICBMs is not for Israel, but for America.


Now is the time that we must wake up to the rising dangers that are revealing themselves and respond with action. We do not want to look back at history and say to ourselves, “Where was I? If I would have known, I would have done something about it!” Hear the full report of what is taking place, how we can respond now, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Radical Islam, Sinjar Mountains, 6 Days in Iraq, supply lines, CBN, Lebanon, and Iran. John and Steve shared in this segment.

CUBA’s Guantanamo Bay Must Be Closed!, says President Obama. 9 Miles off Florida’s Coast!


From the onset of President Obama’s Administration, he has continually expressed his desire to shut down Guantanamo. His most recent statements are no different when he addressed a crowd gathered in the White House. As The President commented about multiple terrorists who have been convicted, he expressed that the images of existing detainees were repeatedly shown on recruiting videos.


The important truth that we must remember is that if individuals within Guantanamo, are willing to follow through with many of the terrorist acts that brought them to this detention center, they are serious in their desire to kill themselves in the hope of harming others. Hear the full statements from the President, how critics are responding to the President’s statements, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Radical Islam, 9/11 Terrorist bombing, shoe bomber, waterboarding, and prayer. John and Steve shared in this segment.

RISEN: The MOVIE Makes Big Debut


Many long strides have been made since the beginning of Christian movies first entered the box office. Fast forward to today and we can see how important this journey has been as each new release appears to keep getting better and better. The most recent blockbuster attraction RISEN is no different. In the first week, it has raised $11 Million, nearly half of its production costs of $30 Million.

This new film captures the resurrection of Jesus from the eyes of an atheist Roman soldier who is tasked with the responsibility of keeping the body of Jesus from being stolen. When the body is no longer in the tomb, he finds himself on a search that just may change his life, forever.  This is the type of movie that you just don’t go see, you take a friend, or you invite the whole family. See the behind-the-scenes perspectives from actors, producers, the trailer of the film, and so much more. Also shared in this segment. John and Steve shared in this segment.


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