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Bible Museum, First Look Inside in Washington, D.C. – 430,000 Square feet filled with 40,000 artifacts of Awesomeness


LISTEN NOW! The Capital of Washington D.C. is known to have many different museums throughout its landscape. Another museum is undergoing its final preparations for their opening in the fall of 2017. This 430,000 square foot museum has over 40,000 artifacts. It is the Bible Museum. Founder of Hobby Lobby, The Green Family, first started off with a handful of items. Now, with multiple resources, and organizations assisting and helping in the work, what is being accumulated is simply breathtaking.

One woman describes some of the collections by saying, “We have one of the largest collections in private hands of Torah Scrolls”. Herschel Hepler, Assistant Curator, shares about the breadth of those involved that have come together to make this possible. “It’s really an incredible conflation of all the Jewish communities of Europe, Middle East, and North Africa.” Mr. Green shares about the placement of the museum. “Washington D.C. is a great location for us to be able to share this story with people all over the world.”As we approach the final steps of this museum, we can even see the designs of what it is going to look like. Hear more about this exciting projects, the beauty of its building, both in and out, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: The Green familyWashington Mall, Smithsonian, artifacts, and papyrus. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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