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Robotic War in Land, Surface, and Sea happening in England

LISTEN NOW! War is nothing new to the world, but what may be new to some is how aircraft and vessels are unmanned altogether. Some may be aware of these “drones”. Regardless, these drones are changing the face of warfare. According to Mirror,  UK’s Royal Navy will be carrying out “Robot Wars” this October. Some are deeming these drones as ‘sinister’ while others are dependent upon them for critical reconnaissance and intelligence. These Robot Wars are coming while America and South Korea have just carried out their own war games, as well as the chaos taking place in the Middle East. When we take the humanness out of war, we tend to be more apt to harm other humans. There was a day that we valued human life, all human life. It appears that those days are rapidly changing. Hear the full story specifically detailing these Robot Wars, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: war, surveillance, Taliban, Afghanistan, targets, air systems, air space, collateral damage, and locusts. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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