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Socialism in America Gaining Popularity? Who is Your God?


LISTEN NOW! In previous days, the difference between Americanism and Communism USED to be taught in American schools. Today’s reality shines a different story. Currently, we have people who desire to be leaders of our nation who are proclaiming and pushing socialism. Socialism is the same as communism. America works because be we are one nation under God. We are not one nation under government.Individuals such as Adolf Hitler did not just appear in leadership; they were elected by a people that were told what they wanted to hear.


Bernie Sanders has boldly shared about his plans for a nicer sounding, “Democratic Socialism”. When CBN took a deeper look at some of his plans, the results were not assuring. When many young adults are facing an uphill battle with student loans and unemployment rates, some of his statements are obviously cheered for. “Healthcare should be a right of all people”, “The right to go to a public college, tuition free”, and “at least three months of paid family and medical leave” sure do sound pleasing. What does it look like for a nation who has carried out these plans?


CBN looks across the horizon of Cuba, North Korea, and Venezuela, whose outcome are not the most desirable. Just one look at France and we can see that this is a road that we do not want to venture down. Contrary to offering more free benefits and more paid vacation, President of France, François Hollande, is doing all he can to end the mindset of Socialism in France. In a nation that has a 35-hour work week, increasing the hours worked results in protests and riots.


There is a reason why some don’t want the public to know about Socialism. With the increasing rhetoric against Capitalism in American schools, there appears to be an agenda behind-the-scenes. The term paper written by a senior college student, then Hillary Rodham, talks about these same ideas. It was the ideas that mirrored the beliefs of Saul Alinsky. If these are the actions that we choose instead of the ways of God, no matter what they are, it does not turn out good. Hear this full report of what is taking place in America, throughout Socialist nations, and so much more. Also shared in this segment, “There Is Only the Fight”, Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, unemployment, benefits, education, healthcare, Republic, Religion, and Democracy. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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