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Tyler Perry’s new Production Mixes Musical and The Life of Jesus


Tyler Perry, known for his many theatrical roles and productions, is doing it again. This time it is the story of Jesus’ life done through a musical. With the backdrop setting of present day New Orleans and a cast of many known faces and talent, it is bringing a ‘fresh’ reminder of the love and power that was demonstrated through the life of Jesus Christ.

Jesus, played by Jencarlos Canela, shares his humble reaction when he was presented the script to this production, “How do you prepare to play Jesus?…It’s one of the biggest honors I’ve ever been given.” Some may be concerned as to the integrity of the script based on Biblical truth. Canela shares about how the cast and script have focused on remaining true to what the Bible says. “We’re staying true to the Biblical sense of it in the Scriptures. That is intact. That is not being changed. No one is writing words in Jesus’ mouth. That’s not gonna happen”.

With many other faces, the cast is sure to bring a star performance. Country music singer, Trisha Yearwood, plays Jesus’ mother. The production is narrated by Tyler Perry. Some of the disciples bring other well-known names as well, such as artist and songwriter, Michael W. Smith; music artist, Chris Daughtry, and Shane Harper, who is known for his role in ‘God’s Not Dead’.

For those in the New Orleans area, a live production will be done this Palm Sunday. It is also being shown live on CBN, this Sunday at 8 Eastern, 7 Central.
Screen Capture from CBN.com

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