Home Crisis How 2015 income Tax dollars Are Spent and the Financial Downward Spiral of Venezuela

How 2015 income Tax dollars Are Spent and the Financial Downward Spiral of Venezuela


LISTEN NOW! As we are full swing into 2016, the taxes that are in for 2015 are all done. Presently, America has a budget of over $4.2 Trillion. For the average American household, a total of $13,000 was paid out in taxes last year. Although, many ask where did all that money go. In a breakdown from CNN Money, a clear-cut understanding can be seen of how all of our nation’s tax dollars went to health programs, the military, interest on debt, and unemployment and labor programs. These are just the top four and make up more than 50% of our total annual budget. The smallest allocated area was science funding which caps out just over 1%. To consider the magnitude of these resources, one cannot deny how America is blessed.

It is a totally different story when we look at a nation like Venezuela. With the current price of oil selling for less than $40 a barrel, it is having devastating consequences on their economy. Because of the financial strain upon their economy, many businesses are simply unable to pay their bills causing many to have a 2-day workweek. According to Reuters, ‘Venezuela’s government has ordered employees to work a two-day week’. With the continual strain, a food crisis is also being experienced. People can be seen storming a warehouse on the rampage in search of basic items. Reportedly, simple items, such as toilet paper is too costly to afford. We must pray for the people of Venezuela. See the full report regarding America’s taxes, the economy of Venezuela, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: finances, crisis, debt, and mobs. John and Steve shared in this segment.

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