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WATCH! US Deal to Purchase Nuclear Material from Iran; 48% of Youth in West Bank Support Knife attacks against Jews; and 10 Myths of Israli-Palestinian Conflict




Obama Administration Strikes Deal to Purchase Nuclear Material from Iran? 


 Many were not pleased to learn that America was at the negotiating table with Iran about their nuclear program. Presently, it is not getting any better. According to CBN, “The Obama administration has agreed to buy 32 tons of nuclear material, called “heavy water,” from the Islamic regime.” As if one would hope that it couldn’t get any worse. It has. Not only are we enabling Iran’s nuclear program, now we are going to buy nuclear material from them. Hear the entire report to learn about what is happening, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: President Barack Obama, Tehran, Iran, and energy. Greg shared in this segment.

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48% of Those living in the West Bank want the Knife Attacks Against Jews to Continue
As the world watches what is taking place in the Middle East between Israel and the Palestinians, we can see the pressure increasing and conflict remaining. Repeated reports and images have been broadcasted revealing Israelis being terrorized and attacked with kitchen knives. A recent poll by The Jerusalem Media & Communication Centre has just released new statistics giving an updated status regarding the topic. According to the poll, “78.6% of youths in the Gaza Strip supported the continuation of knife attacks.”Regarding the same topic, CBN states “there have been more than 120 attacks and attempted assaults using kitchen knives by Palestinians against Israelis since last October.” This activity is outrageous to think that it is accepted or encouraged. When we look at some of the teachings within the Palestinian community we get a clear picture as to where this behavior comes from. The young people are simply being trained to hate.


Kamal Saleem knows this reality all too well. This is the environment that he was raised in, to wage jihad. He traveled to America to carry out that very training. His plans were right on schedule until he experienced a life-altering car accident. He was taken to a hospital were doctors promptly tended to his injuries. While in recovery, a doctor provided a place in his home for Kamal to recover. The love that he received from these Americans contradicted everything he was raised to believe. When he prayed to Allah, he heard nothing. But, when he prayed to The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, he found the answer he was looking for. The worst thing that we can begin to do is to hate Kamal Saleem. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that. Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.”


When we see this continual pressure against Israel in the media, one day from the Gaza Strip, one day from the West Bank, another from the Golan Heights, this is classic Alinksy Rules for Radicals Tactics. We must remain vigilant to support Israel and not be distracted. Israel is only 70 mileswide at its widest point. Regardless of what nation we call home, each of us will be judged by how we responded to and treated the land of Israel. Joel 3:2 states, “I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will put them on trial for what they did to my inheritance, my people Israel, because they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land.” It matters what we do towards Israel; and it matters what we don’t do towards Israel.


The lies being promulgated towards Israel are many, but in order to combat these lies, we must be made aware of the truth. Calev Myers and the Jerusalem Institute of Justice does an outstanding job discussing the top ten misconceptions regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the truth regarding each issue. For starters, some state that the surrounding Arab nations actually want to create a Palestinian State. Surprisingly though, during the 19 years that the West Bank and the Gaza Strip were controlled by Egypt and Jordan, “those governments never established a Palestinian State”. In addition, some would share that the Arab nations want to solve the refugee crisis. Actually, that is another misconception. Myers continues to reveal that “Palestinians have settled in Arab Nations throughout the Middle East. These nations could solve the crisis immediately by granting refugees equal rights. But instead, they refuse to let them vote, own land, or even study in public schools.” On the contrary, it is the country of Israel that will grant them full citizenship rights.


Instead of hating our enemies, we must love our enemies. We’re not called to judge people; we’re called to love people. Instead of being worried about baking cakes, we should be figuring out how to carry out the simple act of loving one another. Hear the full report of what is taking place within Palestinians and Israel, the myths regarding these conflicts, the truth to combat each of them, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: anti-Semitism, racism, hatred, Operation Protective Edge, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Intifada, Secretary of State John Kerry, Yasser Arafat, Ehud Barak, The United Nations, Lucifer, deception, Saul Alinsky, The BDS Movement, AIPAC, and evangelism. Greg and John shared in this segment.

10 Myths about the Israeli and Palestinian Conflict: Love WINS
 Presently, we are seeing more and more nations at war with one another. It appears that there is a continual conflict being experienced somewhere in the world. The reality of conflict couldn’t be more of a reality than what is taking place upon the borders of Israel and their Arab neighbors. Many statements are being promulgated regarding this conflict. Unfortunately, many of them simply are false. It is impossible to battle lies without knowing the truth regarding a matter. Calev Myers and the Jerusalem Institute of Justice have released a simple discussion regarding the top ten misconceptions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the truth regarding each issue.


When considering the many factors within the issue, such as refugees and land, some express that ”more money needs to be funded to the Palestinians”. Myers boldly expresses the truth regarding this reality stating, “Western nations have given the Palestinians a ton of aid. Even taking inflation into account, they’ve been given 25 times more money, per person, than Europe was given to rebuild after World War II”. Considering this gross neglect of incoming resources, Myers continues to ask this revealing question, “Where’s the stable economy? Where’s the improved infrastructure?”


When the question of this unaccounted money remains unanswered, the next myth is expressed; that “forming a state is the primary goal of top Palestinian leaders”.Again, not true. Myers continues to explain how after the death of Yasser Arafat, “accountants hired by Arafat’s own family discovered secret investments worth more than $1 Billion.” Connecting the dots? “That income stream would be threatened if a new state was formed; which gives leaders like Arafat, or Mahmoud Abbas, for that matter, a billion plus reasons to never actually sign a peace treaty.”


The common misconception most often heard is that “Israel just needs to give up land for peace”. Truth of the matter is this: in 2005, when the Israelis gave up control of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, “the Palestinians voted Hamas in. Yep, they elected a terrorist organization, who, since taking power, has fired more than 10,000 rockets into Israel.” Myers also squarely addresses the misconceptions regarding the thoughts that “most Palestinians want a lasting peace with Israel” and “giving the Palestinians a state NOW is the only solution to their suffering” and others.


It matters how we respond to those that are filled with such hatred. Anyone who is filled with hate, and wants to stab someone simply because of their ethnic demographic, that is a racist
spirit. We must learn to love our enemies and not hate them. Be greatly educated as you see the full report from Calev Myers as you see all of the misconceptions and the truth to combat each, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Hamas, Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Authority, Israel, conflict, The United Nations, two-state solution, peace agreement, Adolf Hitler, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., love, and evangelism. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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