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“The Abolitionists” New Movie Reveals the Inside Reality of the Global Sex Trafficking Industry


LISTEN NOW! There are reportedly more slaves now in the world than there have ever been. For some, this is new news. The growing concern is the amount of children that are being sex trafficked in the world. As a former CIA Agent, Tim Ballard has worked on many cases involving the identification and removal of human trafficking operations. With his close awareness of these rings, he has also been acutely aware of not only national operations, but also international operations. Because his work within the CIA was limited to the boundaries of American law, he has now begun to work on his own by founding Operation Underground Railroadin order to effectively and efficiently answer the call to this growing international tragedy.

Ballard and the Operation Underground Railroad have now released a new film The Abolitionists, which opened in theatres May 16th. We have an opportunity to partner with the powerful work that they are doing. Together, we can bring an end to the sex trafficking industry in our generation. Hear the full story, watch the trailer and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Pol Pot, The Pink Room, slavery, justice, Cambodia, and prayer. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.


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