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WATCH! Priest Beheaded by ISIS at Altar in France; an ISIS Hit List of 15,000 Names?; and Rick Wiles



Killed on Church Altar, Father Jacques Hamel…after Conducting Service

Tragedy has hit France again at the hands of Radical Islam and ISIS has carried out a savage murder. Father Jacques Hamel, a priest, was beheaded immediately after completing mass. Sister Danielle, who witnessed the barbaric attack recounts what she saw.  “They took over his place and started speaking Arabic…He was at the foot of the altar. They made him get on his knees and not move.”


Vicar General of Rouen Diocese, Philppe Maheut said, “He was always available. He had been here for ten years as an auxiliary priest. He wasn’t in charge but he was always ready to officiate weddings, baptisms, funerals, and meet people. He was very active.” Priest at Saint-Paul De Quevilly Parish shared these remarks about Hamel, “He was an adorable man who paid attention to people, who always had a kind word and noticed small things.”


This is a horrible tragedy. We are seeing a direct assault on France churches. The increasing rise of Islamic Jihad has come while President Obama chooses to lecture about the Crusades. In these times of increasing darkness, it is important to seek God’s grace not to become hard hearted towards these repeated tragedies. See the full report and hear the comments of what others have to say about the life of Father Hamel, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: persecution, Radical Islam, France, Nazarenes, and ISIS. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.



The ISIS Kill List that isn’t being Shared to the American People?


 As France is grieving another loss of one of their citizens at the hands of ISIS, they are additionally responding to the words being shouted by the very man that carried out the murder. Police commander Jean-Baptiste Salvaing was stabbed to death after Larossi Abballa followed him home and broke into his house. After killing Salvaing, Abballa then continued to murder Salvaing’s wife, Jesssica Scheider. Reportedly, Abballa had attacked the husband and wife because their name was on an ISIS kill list. Now, the lists are reportedly growing to target ‘ordinary Americans’.


These type of tactics are meant to instill fear in people. It is times such as these that have been foretold. Because of the increase of darkness and chaos, news anchors will collapse. These are the kind of news headlines that God has warned us would happen. Don’t let this put fear in you. We must turn to God and humble ourselves.


“Amelia”, which is not her real name, is one of many Americans who have recently found out the reality that they are one of those names on the list. Ironically enough, it wasn’t the FBI that informed her, it wasn’t her local police department, Corpus Christi Police Department, it was Circa News. Reportedly, “Over the last two years, ISIS has issued a hit list naming more than 15,000 Americans, to be killed in places like New York, Texas, California, and Florida.” When “Amelia” did receive a call from the Army Security Agency, it was scripted, “indicating that there was a credible threat on her life, but didn’t detail what the threat was.”


What we are not connecting is that this is the same battle that was fought during America’s first international war, against Islam. When then President, Thomas Jefferson learned that American Naval ships had been taken captive by Barbary Pirates, he was told that these American slaves were now the property of the Islamic individuals that had taken them captive. It was the Koran that instructed them to do so. Since this was unknown to him, President Jefferson read the Koran for himself to understand what was happening.


God gave a dream to Greg Lancaster about the days ahead. He was shown President Obama speaking before an audience in Africa. The first words to be said by the President were “Allahu Akhbar”, which in Arabic means, “Allah is Great”. In another dream, he saw a street, “Navy Blvd” lined with Islamic men, dressed in Arab garb who were carrying irons in their hands. Considering the existence of iron, is this in reference to the iron that was shown in the dream given to Daniel? We have had a Josiah leadership, and now Jehoakim, as described in the Bible. We are about to have a Zedekiah moment.


When Josiah was crowned king, he was young in his years and did not know about the things of the Lord. He sought to rebuild the temple of the Lord. He sought to give money, not to the priests, but to the carpenters to build the temple. Ironically enough, the priests brought the Word of the Lord to King Josiah claiming they had found it. What King Josiah realized was that God was angry. He humbled himself before the Lord and did what was right, removing the idols from the land. Because of his swift response, God told him that judgment would not come upon your generation but your son’s generation, Jehoiakim. It was the land of Egypt that named Jehoiakim, which means, ‘God’s set man’. The next king was ‘Zedekiah’ which means ‘God is just’. What we must realize is that President Obama’s first international speech was at Cairo University, Egypt. Is the next coming leadership over America the ‘God is just’ leadership?


When Rick Wiles was informed that the list existed, he contacted his local sheriff and was simply told that they would pass it on to federal authorities. Wiles wanted the list to be retrieved and his fellow citizens to be warned. As he continued to research the reality of this list and the rise of Radical Islam, his findings startled him.


What he soon found out, was that Omar Mateen, the shooter involved in the Orlando nightclub shooting was a nearby neighbor in the community of Vero Beach, Florida, which is where Riles resides. “From his house to my office was 16 miles. Then I found out that he was friends with another young man from Vero Beach, who is now dead because he joined ISIS…then I find out that there is a mosque close to my house, where these two guys associated. Then I find out that Omar Mateen went to Indian River Community College which is about a mile from my office.” He continues to share how these dots connect to the 9/11 terrorist bombing and the realization that “we have an active ISIS terror cell in Vero Beach Florida.”


These realities begs the urgent question that Wile insistently asks, “Is anybody going to these people and saying ‘we need to notify you, your name was published on an ISIS website…with instructions to hunt you down and kill you.” Reportedly, as Wiles shares, ISIS has previously released a list to kill military members, their spouses, and their families in their own homes and it wasn’t taken seriously. It is that simple. It doesn’t benefit anyone to deny this reality. “What’s it gonna take? Are we gonna wait till 500 librarians in Arkansas are decapitated one day? When are we going to say that we’re at war?” 

Rebellious people are waiting to be activated. This is going to increase and continue to keep happening until the Church wakes up and turns their hearts back to God. Whether we have oppression, or a Third Great Awakening, God’s people will flourish in any situation. Hear the full conversation and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Radical Islam, terrorism, Islam, fear, France, persecution, Rick Wiles, Kamal Saleem, 450,000, and prophecy. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.


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