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WATCH! Slavery on America’s Southern Border in Venezuela; Capitalism, Socialism and Communism, We Need to Learn it Before We Do It



“This is the closest thing to slavery” says Venezuelan Business Leader as Government of Venezuela declares Private and Public Sector Workers have to work at Government run Farm


When the topic of slavery arises, most Americans have a mental image that spans as far back as the Civil War. However, what the majority of people don’t realize is that this reality is still relevant today, and it can overcome a nation with greater ease than one might think. Take struggling, socialist country Venezuela, for one. This is a nation, reportedly, with the greatest oil reserves on Earth. Yet, today, its people are starving – some hunting dogs, cats, and pigeons to survive. What’s more, the Venezuelan people now aren’t only facing starvation, but also potential enslavement by their own government.


According to a decree buried in a recently issued publication, Venezuela’s government can potentially force both public and private sector employees to work in the country’s fields for up to 60 days; a period which can apparently be extended “if circumstances merit.” This is a clear example of socialism gone awry – government-forced labor, a picture of modern-day slavery. The country’s previous socialist leader, Hugo Chávez, had nationalized many Venezuelan companies, both foreign and domestic. Most have shut down, or are no longer producing at the level they once did, which has created massive shortages on even the most basic food items. One Venezuelan business leader stated, “President Maduro’s decree is misguided. This is the closest thing to slavery we’ve had.”  


Workers are also outraged by the downturn of the economy, which has cost tens of thousands their livelihoods. These people have been protesting on the streets, claiming that the Venezuelan government is not only effecting businesses, but also ‘killing jobs.’ One protester says, “­­­­­We just want to live in peace, working and producing for our families.” If this new decree is put into action, Venezuelans will be working and producing – on government-run farms.


Jim Baker prophesied of the draft returning to America, where countless young men and women may be forced into military service by the government. When a nation is under socialist leadership, its people not only fight for their government, but serve their government. “Servant” is mere a synonym of “slave.” This is a system that causes people not to want to work, as it has been said that, “socialism (and communism) are temptations for the human nature of men.” Why work when the government can take care of you? However, this way of living can only be successful for so long.


Venezuelans today are pouring over the border to Columbia, with an entire month’s wages, only to find that their currency, the “Vulivar,” has plummeted in value. Their month’s earnings will only pay for two days’ worth of Columbian food. The Weimar Republic is yet another example of this. Their economy was in such a rapid decline, workers would demand payment at the start of a work week for groceries, because, by the end, that paycheck would have completely lost its value. What will it take for America to wake up? Do we think that it would be any harder for our economy to crash, our currency to have no value? We must turn back to God and repent, before their reality becomes our reality. Hear the full discussion on the effects of socialism in Venezuela and so much more. Also shared in this segment: government servitude, slavery, starvation, socialism, Venezuela, economic collapse, currency, and food shortages. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.



“Capitalism is a necessary condition for freedom but not a Sufficient Condition “says Milton Friedman. What is the Difference Between Capitalism, Communism, and Socialism?


As nations watch the country of Venezuela endure complete economic crisis, we see the clear effects of turning to government instead of God. Just because a Socialist government offers the pleasurable utopia of providing all of our needs and wants does not necessarily mean that is what the end result will be. Ultimately, Socialism and Communism are temptations for the human nature of men. Now, as Americans, do we see this reality as a possibility in our own lives or do we separate ourselves from its authenticity? Regardless of what the present economy may be like now, imagine the economy crashing. Imagine the dollar not being worth near what it is today. The tragic realities of the Weimar Republic, and now Venezuela, are real for every currency and economy that drastically loses its value.


In America, we can often take for granted the effects of Capitalism, yet at the same time confuse the recognition of Capitalism. In a 1978 discussion at Cornell University, Milton Friedman shares some important factors regarding Capitalism. “Capitalism is not a sufficient condition for freedom. It’s a necessary condition. I never said where you have capitalism, you have freedom…Where ever you have freedom, you have capitalism. Capitalism is a necessary condition, but not a sufficient condition.”  Just as in the words of the Preamble of the United States Constitution, “A More Perfect Union…” Neither is a perfect solution to all problems. There is no perfect solution. Men still have a sin nature. God will turn us over to our sin nature if we do not repent.


When someone promotes big government and the government providing all of your needs, that is essentially looking to position government in place of God. It is a red flag when we hear the constant promotion of equality for every organization and/or individual when the Constitution already declares that. Friedman also spoke about this important matter. “A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” Essentially, when we forget the value and cost of these freedoms, we tend to then allow them to slip away.


Author of The World is Flat, Thomas Friedman commented about this interesting reality. ‘Every 5th generation loses what the 1st generation gained’. This is essentially what Milton Friedman expresses in these words,


“Those of us who have been so fortunate as to have been born in a free society tend to take freedom for granted and regard it as a natural state of mankind. It is not. It is a rare and precious thing: most people throughout history – most people today – have lived in conditions of tyranny and misery; not of freedom and prosperity.”


We have to begin to understand these principles. Communism and Socialism are not Capitalism and Capitalism is not Communism nor is it Socialism. There used to be a day when the differences of these were taught in our schools, but that day is not present day. This amazing experiment called freedom may be over unless we wake up. Sometimes it takes a cartoon to understand how different people see America. In less than 10 minutes, we can understand that just because an “ISM” offers us what appears to be what we want, whether it be “higher wages”, “lower labor costs”, or “the perfect weather to grow our crops” it will not end up good if it ends up costing us our freedoms.

In these critical days, we need God’s wisdom to be decisive and informed on what to do. Hear the full conversation to learn the important differences between Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: economics, Chavez, President Obama, currency, Ichabod, Woodrow Wilson, Saddam Hussein, Coup, Deviled Eggs, tyranny, and prayer. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.


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