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WATCH! Rick Wiles says “Potentially World War III”



Is WW III Here? Has Life as We Know it Shifted? It’s Time to Prepare before it’s too late


The warnings are continuing to be heard about the catastrophic days ahead. They are only getting closer and closer as each day passes. Erick Stakelbeck resonates with the same warning highlighting how President Obama is putting America in a bad place by entering a Nuclear deal with Iran.  The tone is the same according to the Presidential Candidate Jim Gilmore, “…what we’ve warned of is an international guerrilla movement that threatens this country. It’s going to happen in this country. There are going to be further attacks. We have to be prepared to defend the American people, prepare them for a long war…” These are the very days that we have been warning about that will test men’s souls.


Now is the time to prepare for realities such as this. James and Khechara Bradford share from their own experience in a discussion from a man who was a previous government contractor. This man shared how the government is currently building military buildings to stand specifically for 90 days for government officials. These buildings are complete with 90 days of food and water. We are not to look to the government nor expect the government to provide for us. God has been talking, He has been warning about the days that we are currently experiencing and also about to experience.

When Rick Wiles was recently on the Jim Bakker show, the warnings continue. Wiles shares from a previous conversation he had with John Price. According to Price, in the Western Hemisphere,”…there is a direct correlation between the percentages of abortions in a society and the amount of Islamic immigration in the country…”. We cannot abort over 50 million innocent lives, refuse God’s design of marriage between a man and woman, and reject the acknowledgement of His Word as truth without there being devastating consequences. As Wiles is dialoguing with Jim Bakker about the critical times that we are experiencing, he answers the question of why this happening, “There is sin in the church.” Wiles continues to express the urgency of the hour we are facing when he shared what the Lord said to him and how it matters today. “‘I will give you a national audience on television just before the judgment strikes America.’ Jim nobody has invited me on television, until you today.”

If it was just one person, then it might not be as urgent, but MANY are confirming, MANY are warning, MANY are speaking to the Church to turn hearts back to the Lord. It can’t get any more clearer than this. We as the Body of Christ must turn. Watch the full report of what is taking place, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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