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Loving God, Loving Others and Leading Others to do the Same

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Home » Your Vote Is Your Seed

LISTEN NOW! In the cultural climate that we are now witnessing, it is imperative for each American to understand the freedoms afforded us through voting. When each of us vote for a particular candidate, or choose not to vote at all, God specifically holds us accountable for the decisions that we make. During such a critical hour, Kenneth Copeland, Pastor George Pearsons, Bishop Keith Butler, and David Barton have an in-depth conversation about this very matter.

As we get closer and closer to this next Presidential Election, it is important that we understand each party’s platform on which they stand. Regardless of what men say about paying attention to it or not, God pays attention to it, and it matters to Him. As a beginning overview of any on single platform, we have to understand what they are made up of: planks. As Kenneth Copeland expresses it, “…you can’t separate the planks. I can’t stand on three out of the five planks. No. It’s a platform made to stand on.”
There are some that may have already settled it in their hearts that this election does not appear important to them, and they have no plans to vote, nor will they vote. Copeland highlights the importance of this election and as to why we must vote. “You are going to be held seriously, seriously to account by God if you don’t vote.” He continues to express as to why. “You’re going to be guilty of murder. You’re going to be guilty of an abomination of God. You’re going to be guilty for every baby that’s aborted from this election forward.”   
Now is not the time to become fearful, or filled with anxiety because of the many topics being discussed on the myriad of news medias. Our faith in God must be our bedrock that our peace and decisions rest upon. As Copeland continues to detail, God was in control when Pharaoh was over Egypt and God is still in control no matter who the President is.
David Barton shares about a friend of his who is a Rabbi, who also speaks Hebrew. This Rabbi informed Barton that Hebrew was the language that God chose. When God spoke to Adam, He spoke in the language of Hebrew. Today’s American language has words that are used that simply cannot be spoken in the Hebrew language because they simply do not exist. As Barton explains, “One of the words you cannot say in Hebrew is the word ‘rights’. There are no ‘rights’ in God’s language. He said, what you can say is ‘responsibilities’.” Barton applies the present American mindset of rights versus responsibilities. “What we have today, as Americans, we sit here and think, ‘I’ve got a right to vote and I don’t like the choices of this election. I’m not going to exercise my right to vote’. No, you don’t have a ‘right’. You have a ‘responsibility’ to vote. It’s not optional whether you vote or not.”
Bishop Keith Butler shares about a previous election in his life that he was praying about. When the Lord directed him to vote for a particular candidate, he was “stunned”. “Like most people, I didn’t have a lot of information…I was voting because of the way I was raised, what I was told, perceptions…” But, when he began to look at the specific party platforms, compare the platforms, and go through each of the platforms based on what the Scriptures say about the platform’s beliefs, it completely changed the way he viewed voting. As he describes the process, “Talk about your mind being renewed by the Word of God.” Bishop Butler also reminds us of the importance of our vote, “It [ballot] is a seed for your nation, and it’s a seed for you personally.”
It is these very understandings that help us to make the right decisions knowing that God is going to hold us accountable. When we are seeking wisdom for the direction of our nation, the last thing we want to do is look to media for our answers. The news should not be entertaining us. It is this very factor that is very real for all Americans: the next President could be the Commander in Chief during World War III. This is the person that could send our sons and daughters to war. See the full conversation to understand the urgency of the hour, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: government, prayer, King David, faith, politicians, marriage, choice, judgment, and blessings. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 
Joshua Haviv/




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