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“God put Donald Trump there, he didn’t put himself there” says Rick Joyner and shares a Prophetic Perspective of the Elections


LISTEN NOW! There is nothing outside of God’s control. This also includes the very times and seasons when individuals are established in leadership; in the case of America, when a new President is elected. In a fresh response of the recent elections, Rick Joyner talks about what just took place. Rick Joyner has an impressive and significant track record of both character and accuracy regarding what has been revealed to him and what he has shared with others. He has a great team around him that understands how the country works.

When asked about his very own response to the election, Rick Joyner shares some profound wisdom for the Church. “It was a God thing and it was a miracle.”  Simply put, it couldn’t have been said any better. Not only that, but he also highlights, “Even Trump knew that it was a miracle.” What many may not have known, as Joyner shares, is that Trump prayed with others asking for help to humble himself.  Additionally, our work is not over. In fact, Joyner continues “our work begins right now”.
Looking at the future, post-election, Joyner continues, “I’d be shocked if we didn’t have an immediate recession.”  As Joyner points out, there are too many things that need to be corrected, specifically speaking, the stock market. “The stock market is so disconnected from the real economy of the country.” It’s not all doom and gloom though as one may surmise. “We’re going to come out of it with more sustained and substantial growth than we’ve ever had.”
It’s vital for us, as the Church, to understand that we cannot get caught up in the man that was elected to office. God establishes leadership. The media was convinced that he would not be President. No man knows the plans of God. It is a beautiful moment when the leader of the United States asks and prays daily for help to humble himself, and we need to lift him up in our prayers as well. See the full interview with Rick Joyner and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Presidential Elections, President Reagan, media, political correctness, recession, pro-life, Cyrus, and polls. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.
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