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Prophecy: The Economy, The Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders


LISTEN NOW! The US will be the safe refuge for investment around the globe.
Family economies will be blessed if they seek the Lord on how to get out of debt and save so they can invest in new financial opportunities that will arise.
Significant investments in new innovations and inventions; some even given through dreams, will be released.  The Mid-West and what has been known as the rust belt of the United States will begin to blossom.  New investments in inner cities will open up as they are set free from historic violence and drug abuse.
The churches of the nation will begin to rise up and systematically work to eliminate poverty. This will impact the inner cities greatly as they will be considered both a mission field and a treasure field. The people of the inner cities are treasures to God.
Economic shakings are coming to Europe.
Italy, Spain, and Portugal will be tested. God’s people will be taken care of in the midst of the crisis. Alignments with Israel are critical in this season.

Source: The Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders
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