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PROPHECY! Freedom Takes Participation, Oppression Lifted, God Has Given us Mercy instead of Judgment- Prophetic dream


LISTEN NOW! God is moving rapidly bringing to pass the very words that He said He would do. In the beginning of 2016, Pastor John Kilpatrick prophesied that it would be the Year of the Wind. Only days later Brett Holderbaum prophesied that the Wind of Heaven would come to Washington, D.C. and the monuments would be brought down. These monuments were not actual monuments seen in Washington, but strongholds that man had setup.
God is continuing to speak prophetically regarding this year when He spoke to Greg Lancaster in a night vision. On October 21, 2016, Greg was shown America on a ship, like a cruise ship. The entire ship was under oppression, everyone was oppressed. Then the Lord showed that as soon as this new administration took office, everyone was free. This is exactly what we are seeing. For a long time, we have asked the question, “Are we Jeremiah, are we Josiah, or are we Daniel?” This is a Josiah moment. God has heard our cries and granted us freedom. But, Greg was also shown in this vision is that most people stayed in this ship. Freedom takes participation; it takes effort.
We are shifting into a new season. The mindsets of the previous season cannot continue into this new season in order to move in what God is doing. God has granted us mercy! Mercy means that we are not going to suffer for what we justly deserve. Mercy doesn’t mean that we are good, it means that God is good. America deserves judgment and we were teetering on the edge. Judgment was on the doorstep of America. But, God decided to give us mercy. This is the essence of Dutch Sheets’ new book The Way Back. Sheets describes in his book how two separate people were told that Mercy was spoken over America six times. We need to run out of the court room of God, thankful for His mercy, and live our lives differently.

Allow the winds of encouragement and hope fill your lungs as you see and hear about the goodness and mercies of God that have swept across America and the good plans that God has in store. Also, shared in this segment: a pioneering spirit, Rick Pino, judge, court room, mindsets, and freedom. Greg and John shared in this segment. 


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