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Israel Blesses the WORLD with Cutting Edge Technology


Many are the provoking thoughts and strategies that are currently being carried out against Israel. In our current generation we are seeing this literally played on an international level.  What many are not aware of is the technological advancements that are originating from the Israeli people.

When the city of Boston was shaken at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, after a bomb exploded, it was Israeli technology that was instrumental in identifying those involved with placing the bomb that will forever be marked in America’s history. As text messaging is a daily occurrence in our culture, some may not be aware of one of the original companies that started instant messaging (IMing): AOL. But, AOL wasn’t the first either. Where did they get the idea from, you guessed it, an Israeli product, “ICQ”, the world’s first instant messaging service. Continue reading… 
screen capture from CBN.com
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