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WATCH! Israel blessing the world; and the coming Move of God


Imagine a Computer that looked like a Human. Could you Tell the Difference?

Every time we enter more information into our computers, it is simply gathering all of the data that we are giving it. Whether it’s through a keyboard, in a text, or speaking into our mobile devices, it is happening. Imagine the very computer that you are working not looking like it presently does, but just like a human being? Could you be able to tell the difference?
Hanson Robotics is clearly beyond the limits of the envelope as their newest development can easily be perceived as a human being at first glance. It isn’t until one looks behind the figure that the exposed wires reveal what exactly is going on. As CEO of Hanson Robotics, Dr. David Hanson explains, “Hanson Robotics develops extremely life-like robots for human robot interactions.” He also describes how these robots are designed to be used, “to serve in healthcare, therapy, education, and customer service application.”
With an even deeper description of the design, Dr. Hanson details the basic makeup of how the robot works. Considering it is still a robot, it has a name, “Sophia”. “Sophia is capable of natural facial expressions, she has cameras in her eyes, and algorithms, which allow her to see faces, so she can make eye contact with you; and she can also understand speech, and remember interactions, remember your face, so this will allow her to get smarter over time.”
There are few bugs that still need to be worked out as Dr. Hanson demonstrates her conversational skills.“Sophia, do you want to destroy humans? Please say no.” Immediately the robot says, “OK, I will destroy humans”. Dr. Hanson’s shares that the goal is to make these robots as “conscience, creative, and capable as any human.”
Since the beginning of time, mankind has been seeking to design their own works to be like God, just as in the Tower of Babel. This is the epitome of the Tower of Babel. If we don’t think this is concerning, just consider how some willfully accept the splitting up of their family just as long as they get to keep the computer. See the robot speaking for yourself and so much more. Also shared in this segment: technology, human beings, artificial intelligence, and Creation. Greg shared in this segment.
Israel Blesses the WORLD with CLEAN & GREEN Technology 
The words and voices that are coming against Israel are many and they are increasing. By only listening to these words it is easy to get a negative view of Israel. But, by getting an Israeli view of Israel, you will be shocked as to what is taking place within Israel. As we have discussed in recent posts, Israel is developing cutting edge technology, creating medical breakthroughs, as well as introducing new innovations impacting the environment.

CBN has brought together a riveting collection of storylines in their Made in Israel series that brings to light some of these breakthroughs. In the nation of Israel, sunlight is not something that is difficult to come by. Because of the way that Israel has revolutionized the solar power, the goal of becoming the first country to not be dependent on oil is within their sight. These advancements in solar power attribute to 1/10th of Israel’s total power. It doesn’t stop there, when an inventor had an idea cross his mind, he didn’t let opposition get in his way. After repeated attempts, he is now the first to develop a bicycle created from cardboard. Be amazed as you hear the full story behind the interesting realities and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Made in Israel, blessings, nations, cardboard bicycles, Rwanda, A Better Place, electric car, White House Interview, Hutzpah, and perspective. Greg and John shared in this segment.
Nigerian Apostle Isaiah Kadiri Prophetic Word: Coming Move of God on the Gulf Coast
Prophesy is history in advance, to speak things that have not yet come. Some may be aware of it, some may not be, but many have been speaking about the encouraging truth of what God is about to do in America and the world. God has spoken and made known to many in the body of Christ that God is going to pour out His Spirit again, greater than what occurred in the Azusa St Revival that broke out in 1906. It is even more stunning when a man comes from another nation, another continent, unknown from the history of what God has done in America, and confirms these very words as well. This is exactly what happened.
Apostle Isaiah Kadiri followed the voice of the Lord as he traveled to America to share and confirm what the Lord showed and revealed to him. As he shares his powerful story, he shares how a mighty move of God will originate from the Gulf Coast, specifically, Mobile Bay, and spread throughout America and across the oceans to the nations of the world. “What I saw was a mighty spinning wind…..this is the winds of the end-time revival…” As the Body of Christ, we must be vigilant in our prayers in regards to what God is going to do, to press in and seek the face of Christ. Before the breaking out of Pentecost, the Book of Acts chronicles how the disciples gathered in the upper room as they waited on the Lord. Apostle Kadiri highlights how today’s Church must do the same, “move again to the upper room, and vacate the supper room. The upper room is the incubating room, a womb, of this end time revival….”
Allow your faith to be greatly stirred as you hear this mighty confirming word and journey, all the way from South Africa, and so much more.
Art Thomas: Paid in Full Healing and Activation

When we look at the powerful life and walk of Jesus, we see the many miraculous healings, signs and wonders that were carried out as Jesus ministered to all of those He encountered. Some may hear and read about what Jesus did and not know that if we are walking with Jesus as The Church, then our words and actions can bring about the same healings and signs, just like Jesus said they would. John 14:12 says, “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these…”

This is how Jesus calls us to live and to walk as He walked in this life. Art Thomas and his ministry “Art Thomas Ministries” are doing just that. His ministry has witnessed powerful and mighty healings, done in the name of Jesus, from Africa to the United States. With his new documentary film Paid in Full, Thomas brings the visual of these healings and miracles. Be mightily empowered and encouraged as you hear about what is happening with the upcoming encouraging conversation taking place with Art Thomas in future VFNtv Programs, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: signs, wonders, miracles, healings, and power. Greg and John shared in this segment.


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