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PROPHECY! God is Going to Cleanse Your Bloodline, John Kilpatrick


LISTEN NOW! Many prayers have been lifted up for those that do not know the Lord, especially those in your immediate family, and extended family members. Pastor John Kilpatrick shares another encouraging prophetic word when he points out how the Lord is going to Cleanse Your Bloodline.
“Blindness has plagued your large biological family, and generational curses have plagued your bloodline; but Holy Spirit is now removing the blindness because of your prayers, and they will see of the goodness of God for the very first time.” What is additionally encouraging is the breadth to which salvation is about to come. “I now have servants poised that I will use to break the entrenched lies and remove the scales from their eyes as Ananias did from Saul of Tarsus. This will not be a single person that will be freed, but an entire family. I, the Lord, already have plans to use them to set many other captives free.”


Don’t let anything stop you from believing in and walking in agreement with what God has said He is going to do in your life. We have to be willing to walk through the very realities that God has delivered us from, and He will anoint us to help others walk out similar journeys of their own. This is so encouraging to hear all that the Lord is doing. Lock your faith in agreement with what God is declaring as you hear the entire prophetic word from Pastor Kilpatrick, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment. 

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