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LISTEN NOW! WATCH FULL PROGRAM! Pastor John Kilpatrick continues to share prophetic words over 2017 as he talks about a recent dialogue he had with the Holy Spirit and what the Lord revealed to him about Trump and His Generals. While having a conversation with one of his administrators, Pastor Kilpatrick was suddenly asked a question by the Holy Spirit; “How do you spell Truman?” When Pastor Kilpatrick then spelled out Truman, Holy Spirit then asked him, “How do you spell Trump?” After then spelling out Trump, the Holy Spirit continued to speak to him. “Who did

President Truman lean on to help the Jews get back into the Holy Land?” He replied, “General Eisenhower.” The Holy Spirit continued, “I have raised up Trump and have given him generals to lean on to help him defend the Jews and keep them in their land. General Eisenhower brought them in, and these contemporary generals will keep them there. What was, will be again.”

The Holy Spirit then asked another question; “How do you spell truth?” As Pastor Kilpatrick once again spelled out the next word, the Holy Spirit once again responded with more revelation. “The Lord said that He is changing the appetites of people. Instead of rejoicing in rumors and lies, the people will now become excited to hear truth again. They will love the truth and reject the lies, as well as the liars. This will not be true of everyone in every place; but a shift has already happened, and it happened last week. “Truth had fallen in the streets, but I am lifting it up again; and it shall cause great rejoicing. I, the Lord, have done this by My own power, by My right arm of might and by My justice.”

This is so important to recognize. When God puts a man in place of leadership, who is a friend of Israel, and a friend with the Church, we must stand in support of this leadership. We have to stand behind our president with prayer. Hear the entire prophetic word from Pastor John Kilpatrick, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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